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Apple Partners With Broadcom to Build Components

Apple on Tuesday, May 23, announced a multibillion-dollar deal with Broadcom to manufacture some wireless components in the United States.

Apple Partners With Broadcom to Build Components


The terms of the cooperation agreement stipulate that Broadcom will develop and assemble 5G components, including FBAR filters. The production process will be established at factories located in the United States.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, in a statement on the occasion of the launch of a new collaboration, said that his company is happy to make commitments that combine creativity, innovative spirit, and inventiveness of American production. He also noted that all the company’s products are based on technologies developed in the United States.

Separately, Tim Cook announced his intention to increase investment in the American economy. He also spoke about his unshakable faith in the future of the United States.

Establishing these partnerships is part of Apple’s commitment to the American manufacturing sector. These commitments were announced in 2021. As part of this strategy, the technology giant will allocate $430 billion in funding for the development of the American economy over five years. In a statement on the occasion of cooperation with Broadcom, the company indicates that the movement towards this goal continues.

Apple already has experience in partnerships with component manufacturers in the United States. Every year, the tech giant publishes a list of its suppliers with detailed information about each. The report on the company’s activities for 2022 indicates that most of the sites for the production of components are located in Asia, but at the same time, the company interacted with 32 plants in the United States.

The cooperation agreement with Broadcom is not the beginning in the full sense, but the continuation of the partnership. In 2022, Apple already received components from the company’s factories located in Colorado and Pennsylvania.

Apple, like many other American firms that produce gadgets, is under pressure related to the requirement to buy spare parts and assemble products in the United States. The Mac Pro computer was the last product to undergo final assembly at the American site.

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