Apple Prepares to Its AI-Focused WWDC Event

Apple, despite its undeniably fair and indisputable status as one of the leaders of the global technology sector, has a kind of tradition, that consists in the fact that the company never embraces new product categories first, which will be confirmed very soon by the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Apple Prepares to Its AI-Focused WWDC Event

As part of the mentioned event, the specified firm will present its strategy for activities in the space of the artificial intelligence industry and showcase AI-based solutions. These actions are fully consistent with the current advanced trends in the technology sector. At the same time, this fact does not negate the validity and credibility of the thesis that Apple is never the first to master new product categories. Artificial intelligence is a technology in the condition of active development, but already has many forms of existence and is integrated into a huge number of virtual platforms that continue to scale. Apple did not interact with AI or take any part in ensuring its evolutionary progress in the early stages of the corresponding process. In the context of the development of artificial intelligence, the company has lagged behind other technology giants, including Google and Microsoft, to a certain extent. At the same time, ignoring AI is a guaranteed path towards oblivion. Artificial intelligence has enormous potential to transform the world in many aspects of its existence. Apple will cease to be itself to some extent if it ignores AI, which still won’t happen, which is expected to be confirmed by the WWDC on the upcoming Monday, June 10.

It should also be mentioned that Apple can achieve success in those product categories where it was not a trailblazer. This thesis is confirmed by the iPhone, smartwatch, and Vision Pro. Apple is likely to repeat the relevant practice in the artificial intelligence industry, where competition has been increasing rapidly lately. The process of high-intensity development of machine intelligence began in 2022 after the debut of ChatGPT from OpenAI. This chatbot based on artificial intelligence has demonstrated impressive cognitive abilities.

At WWDC on Monday, Apple is expected to announce plans for deep integration of machine intelligence into its major apps and features. Also, according to media reports, the technology giant will declare its commitment to an approach to artificial intelligence, which provides special attention to ensuring privacy and security.

Moreover, data is spreading in the information space, according to which on Monday the company will introduce its own artificial intelligence system called Apple Intelligence. Insiders cited by the media claim that the mentioned AI configuration will be integrated into new versions of operating systems on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

There is also information that the technology giant is planning a partnership with OpenAI. According to preliminary data, the relevant cooperation will provide owners of Apple devices with access to chatbots like ChaGPT.

Besides, the media reported that on Monday the technology giant plans to present new software for Vision Pro, Apple Watch, and TV platforms.

According to insider information, about half of the company’s main presentation at WWDC will be devoted to artificial intelligence functions. According to preliminary data, the conference will begin at 10 a.m. Pacific time. As a rule, this event runs for roughly two hours. Ahead of the conference, the company prefers to follow the tactic of silence about its new products and solutions.

According to media reports, the main content of the technology giant’s strategy in the artificial intelligence industry will be to integrate AI into the maximum number of its apps. This approach means that the company will be more consistent with the status of a provider of machine intelligence, rather than a developer. At the same time, insider information that the firm plans to present its own artificial intelligence system next week indicates that Apple will not limit itself to a strictly consumer format of interaction with AI. It is worth noting that other technology giants are actively using the practice of integrating machine intelligence products developed by other companies into their digital ecosystems. For example, Microsoft has introduced OpenAI technologies into its functional space.

Insiders claim that in the context of using artificial intelligence, Apple is not focused on applying AI as a kind of generator of original content or systematized informational materials on a specific topic. According to them, the technology giant is striving for machine intelligence to become a kind of platform for improving the functions of its devices to facilitate the performance of everyday tasks faced by consumers. The company intends to offer users the solutions that they most need in terms of practical needs.

According to insiders, new artificial intelligence-based capabilities will be offered at will. This means that Apple will not insist that users necessarily interact with the relevant solutions. The technology giant is expected to introduce artificial intelligence features in beta format next week.

There is information according to which the AI functions will be powered on the company’s own technology and ChatGPT developer tools. The relevant services will rely either directly on devices or on cloud platforms. New operating systems will receive an algorithm that will determine which of the two mentioned options should be used to solve a specific task.

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