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Apple Reportedly Develops GenAI Coding Tool

The media reports that Apple is currently working on creating a new coding tool based on artificial intelligence.

Apple Reportedly Develops GenAI Coding Tool

According to preliminary information, the mentioned technology giant’s new development will be designed for XCode, the brand’s flagship programming software.

The media reports that Apple has been working on a project to create a coding tool for the last year. According to preliminary information, the relevant activities were carried out in preparation for the next major version of Xcode. Currently, the tech giant is expanding internal feature testing and accelerating development. The media, citing insiders, report that the company intends to offer a new version of its software to third-party firms.

The algorithm of functioning of the new system will be largely similar to the principle of operation of Microsoft GitHub Copilot. In this case, it is planned to use artificial intelligence to complete code blocks. The relevant information was reported by the media with reference to insiders who preferred to remain anonymous, noting that work on the creation of a new system and all plans related to the relevant project are still confidential and are discussed only within the corporate space.

The tech giant’s latest decision in the artificial intelligence area is a plan to create a foldable iPhone. The media, citing insiders, reported that these new smartphones will be folded in width in the form of a clamshell. At the same time, there is information that the relevant plans may not be implemented, since there is still no final decision on the degree of compliance of the design of a potential development with the stylistic concept of the technology giant. The media also reported that Apple does not intend to launch the process of mass production of a new configuration of its smartphone within the next two years.

In February, sales of the Apple Vision Pro, a mixed-reality headset, started. The cost of this development of the technology giant, which has expanded its product line, is $3,500. The mixed-reality headset has become an example of how brands and retailers from various sectors seek to interact with consumers in an immersive environment. Some users have already complained about the difficulties that are observed in the process of using Apple Vision Pro. In this case, discomfort, headaches, and eye strain were noted.

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