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Apple Starts Vision Pro Headset Sales

Apple on Friday, February 2, launched sales of its new product, which is an augmented reality headset called Vision Pro, in the United States market.

Apple Starts Vision Pro Headset Sales

Customers of the mentioned technology giant who have placed pre-orders for the new development will receive or pick up the product at Apple Stores.

Company CEO Tim Cook visited the brand’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York on Friday morning. This visit was dedicated to the official launch of the sales process of the new product of the technology giant in the American market.

The cost of an Apple headset starts at $3,500. Commenting on the price of the company’s new development, Tim Cook said that this product is the technology of tomorrow. In this context, he also noted that buyers of the new Apple development can spread payments out over time. According to him, this opportunity is one of the aspects of accessibility. Headset buyers can choose a monthly financial plan.

Tim Cook separately noted that the technology giant’s new product is full of inventions. In this context, he drew attention to the fact that 5,000 patents had been obtained for the headset.

Mr. Cook, during a conversation with media representatives, said that, in his opinion, the cost of the new development of the technology giant is fair. He noted that the price is justified in terms of the value of the headset.

Last Thursday, February 1, during a press conference of the tech giant by revenue, Tim Cook said that Vision Pro is also used as a corporate product, mentioning companies such as Walmart, Nike, Vanguard, Stryker, Bloomberg, and SAP. The mentioned brands have started to apply and invest in the headset as a platform for employees and customers.

On Thursday, Tim Cook said that the company he leads can remain both a consumer-oriented and business-oriented firm, promoting forward with Vision Pro among its offerings. He noted a lot of options for using the headset. Tim Cook said that more than 600 apps and games are available on the technology giant’s new product, which was specifically designed for spatial computing.

The launch of Vision Pro sales in the American market took place the day after it became known that Apple’s sales figures for the fourth quarter of last year exceeded forecasts.

The headset will join Apple Watch and AirPods in the wearable category. Some analysts suggest that the new product will not initially generate significant revenue.

The launch of headset sales is kind of the beginning of the story of a new dimension in the tech giant’s business. Vision Pro marks the company’s entry into a new segment of the innovation market. Also, in this case, it increases the level of competitiveness of the technology giant. Meta already offers its customers a digital reality headset. Ignoring the corresponding trend in the technology industry is dangerous for Apple from the perspective of prospects since the development of tools for immersion in the dimension of virtual being will obviously continue and scale globally.

Tim Cook’s company currently needs new additional growth drivers. The positive results for the fourth quarter of last year do not negate the company’s problems in China, which is a very important market for it. In this country, iPhone sales are falling amid increased competition from local manufacturers and a ban on the use of Tim Cook brand’s smartphones in state-owned agencies and firms that receive support from the government.

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