Google Maps to Add AI-Powered Recommendations

Google Maps will soon help customers discover new places by launching a new feature powered by generative artificial intelligence technology.

Google Maps to Add AI-Powered Recommendations

Last Thursday, February 1, a message was published on the mentioned company’s blog, which contains information that a new solution is being implemented to select local guides who are the most active users of the virtual map service. At the initial stage, the AI-based feature will be available to a limited number of the tech giant’s customers. Over time, this solution will be present publicly available.

The tech giant’s message notes that the machine intelligence-based feature is designed to provide personalized recommendations. For example, users can get information about attractions in the safest city in Canada.

By using large language models, Google Maps can analyze its database, which includes more than 250 million places. Also, the new tech solution of this service can receive information from members of the corporate community of more than 300 million people.

Access to large amounts of data allows artificial intelligence to quickly generate customized offers for users. It is noteworthy that in this case, it does not matter whether clients are interested in a specific issue, which can be conditionally designated as highly specialized, or only in outline they know something about a certain geographical area appearing in the search query. For example, AI can generate a detailed answer to a question about vintage stores in San Francisco. In this case, artificial intelligence models will analyze the available information, including photos, ratings, and reviews from Google Maps users.

Consumers can also have a full conversation with AI. Users have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions on a topic of interest to them. For example, AI can generate suggestions about nearby catering establishments that match the gastronomic preferences of customers. Users can save recommendations to use later.

The feature, the launch of which was announced by the technology giant, will be useful in cases where plans change due to unforeseen circumstances or in situations where there are no plans for leisure. For example, during the rain, when one needs to love nature in general and all its manifestations and conditions in particular very much to stay outside, artificial intelligence will recommend cinemas and comedy shows to visit.

AI can also generate options for family vacations. In this case, Google Maps will provide information about nearby bowling clubs, children’s museums, and indoor playgrounds.

The tech giant said that the current introduction of artificial intelligence is just the beginning of a broader process of improving the mechanisms of interaction with users of the mentioned service applying AI.

Google’s parent company Alphabet is implementing machine intelligence into all of its product offerings, including the Internet search engine and advertising. Sundar Pichai, CEO of this company, said in the current week that since 2019, the number of subscriptions has increased fivefold as a result of the use of artificial intelligence.

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