Apple Reportedly to Unveil AI Strategy in June

Apple Inc. plans to present its strategy in the area of artificial intelligence at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, which will begin on June 10.

Apple Reportedly to Unveil AI Strategy in June

The mentioned technology giant announced the specified event on Tuesday, March 26. The Worldwide Developers Conference will last until June 14th. The company did not announce what will be presented at this event. At the same time, the media, citing insiders, released information according to which the technology giant will hold a presentation of its artificial intelligence strategy in June.

It is worth noting that Apple’s intentions in the machine intelligence industry are the subject of increased attention. So far, the technology giant has not announced anything about its plans in the area of artificial intelligence. At the same time, it is obvious that Apple will be involved in the AI industry. The company cannot ignore advanced technology, which is already perceived by many experts as the driving force of progress and transformation of human civilization. If Apple refuses to introduce artificial intelligence into its digital ecosystem and devices, the only option for the future will be gradual oblivion. The company’s management is aware of the current technological realities, therefore it understands which path will become the trajectory of the brand’s movement in case of denial of the need to use AI.

In March, the media reported that Apple had acquired the startup DarwinAI, which specializes in carrying out activities in the artificial intelligence industry. It is also known that Alexander Wong, an AI researcher at the University of Waterloo, joined the company as director of the artificial intelligence specialist group. Moreover, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the technology giant will open new horizons in the area of machine intelligence in 2024.

The Worldwide Developers Conference will be hosted on the company’s website. Access to the broadcast will be free. The event will also be broadcast in the app for developers.

The technology giant is expected to unveil major software updates for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Vision Pro headset, and smartwatches in June. The company’s strategy in the artificial intelligence industry, according to media reports, will be a central element in the iOS 18 update.

Apple’s marketing officer Greg Joswiak, announcing the June event, said it would be incredible. It is possible that in this case, the strategy in the area of artificial intelligence was primarily meant.

The media reports that the mentioned strategy will include many proactive features that consumers will be able to use in their daily lives. At the same time, there is information that the technology giant does not intend to develop its own chatbot with generative artificial intelligence. The company is currently in talks with Google and OpenAI. In this case, the possibility of using generative artificial intelligence services from third-party firms by Apple is being discussed.

The upcoming iOS 18 update is expected to be the largest iPhone software overhaul in its history. The relevant information was published by the media, referring to insiders. The tech giant also plans to update the Apple Watch software and the operating system running on the Vision Pro headset.

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