Apple Unveils New Laptops, iMac and Chips

Apple has announced a new iMac, MacBook Pro, and the third generation of its line of Mac processors.

Apple Unveils New Laptops, iMac and Chips

This company has released a new line of chips that are based on advanced 3-nanometer technology. These microcircuits have a higher level of efficiency. Also, the advantage of chips based on the mentioned 3-nanometer technology is improved graphics processing capabilities. Tim Cook’s company published the relevant information during the presentation of new products. This event took place last Monday, October 30.

The base model of the new microcircuits line received eight main processor cores on a chip in addition to 10 cores for graphics. This development is called M3. The technology giant also presented M3 Pro and M3 Max chips. These microcircuits differ from the base model of the new line by improved characteristics. The M3 Pro was equipped with four additional processor cores, including a 12-core design. This chip also comes with 18 graphics cores. M3 Max has a design with 16 main cores and up to 40 graphics cores.

The new MacBook Pro, which was also presented on Monday, will work based on the mentioned chips. The budget version of the laptop, equipped with the standard microcircuit M3, will be available for purchase at a price equal to $1,599. The cost of the MacBook Pro M3 Pro starts from $1999, and the MacBook Pro M3 Max – from $2499.

The tech giant said that microcircuits based on 3-nanometer technology will make laptops more powerful. Separately, the company noted that these devices will still be able to work offline for 22 hours.

Also on Monday, Apple showed the public a new version of its 24-inch desktop computer iMac. This device was also equipped with an M3 chip. The desktop computer has been modernized for the first time since April 2021. The company stated that the new version of this device differs from the previous configuration by doubling the speed of operation and improving graphics efficiency. The modernized desktop computer will be available in several colors, including silver, green, and pink. The cost of this device starts from $1,299.

Tim Cook’s company’s semiconductor business, which is also known as Apple Silicon, is a very valuable asset. In the period of a difficult geopolitical situation that directly affects the supply chain, own chip production has, in a sense, existential significance. Since the tech giant switched to its microcircuits in 2020, Apple Mac sales have increased sharply. At the same time, it should be clarified that in this case, the growth of consumer spending on technology during the coronavirus pandemic also became an influence factor.

According to the results of the last few quarters, the sales level of Apple Mac shows a consistent decline. The technology giant expects that the new chips of the M3 line will improve the situation in this area of its activities. There is also currently an increase in competition in the industry.

Experts predict that in the fourth quarter of 2023, sales volumes in the computer market will increase by about 5%. Also, in their opinion, according to the results of the financial year, which began this month, revenue in the mentioned commercial space will grow by 5.5%.

The M3 presentation is a landmark event, and in this case, it is not a pompous phrase exaggerating the importance of the company’s achievements. Apple was the first in the world to switch to 3-nanometer technology. In this case, the company will need to use more transistors. Also, the transition made by Apple provides an opportunity to use more technologies in a smaller space. New generation chips increase the level of efficiency and provide savings in battery life.

Experts say that potentially advanced microcircuits can allow the company to adapt hardware and software in such a way as to improve the practice of interacting with users. Apple said that thanks to the new chips, its flagship MacBook Pro laptop has become 11 times faster than Intel’s most productive laptop.

Microcircuits M3 is 35% faster than M1 in the process of performing standard computing tasks and 65% better at graphics processing.

In new Mac computers, the main innovation is chips, from the point of view of other characteristics there are no significant changes. But still, the MacBook has 20% more brightness for content without colors with a high dynamic range, and the new color option that called Cosmic Black.

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