ASML to Ship Its $380 Million Machine to TSMC and Samsung

In the current year, ASML Holding NV will ship its latest chipmaking machine to companies such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) and Samsung Electronics.

ASML to Ship Its $380 Million Machine to TSMC and Samsung

Roger Dassen, chief financial officer of ASML, based in the Netherlands, said that the firm’s customers will receive so-called high-NA extreme ultraviolet machines by the end of 2024.

Intel is known to have already placed orders for the latest high-NA EUV machine, and the first one has by now been shipped to the Oregon plant in December. It is not yet known when TSMC, the largest ASML client in the EUV area, will receive the equipment. A representative of the Taiwanese company talked about the successful cooperation with suppliers, declining to comment specifically on the mentioned issue.

Against the background of the specified news, on Wednesday, June 5, in Amsterdam, the share price of ASML rose by 3.5%, reaching 903.7 euros. It is worth noting that since the beginning of the current year, the company’s securities have risen in price by about 33%.

The new ASML machine imprints semiconductors with lines that are just 8 nanometers thick 1.7 times smaller than the previous generation. This machine will be used to produce chips that are necessary to ensure the operation of artificial intelligence apps and advanced consumer electronics. The mentioned machine costs 350 million euros ($380 million). This equipment weighs about the same as two Airbus A320s.

TSMC expressed concern about the cost of the new machine. In May, during a visit to Amsterdam, Kevin Zhang, vice president of the company, spoke about satisfaction with the capabilities of the high-NA EUV but noted that the price was too high. The TSMC representative also underlined that the technology of this firm called A16 node, which is due to emerge at the end of 2026, will not require the use of ASML equipment with high NA EUV machines and can still rely on older extreme ultraviolet equipment.

At the same time, TSMC is still actively involved in the high-NA ASML EUV project. Jefferies analysts expect this company to start using high-NA at the A14 node in 2028.

ASML predicts that its revenue in 2025 is likely to be in the upper half of the guidance range.

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