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Kneron Launches New AI Chips

Kneron startup, which specializes in the development of artificial intelligence chips, launched its next-generation products on Wednesday, June 5.

Kneron Launches New AI Chips

The mentioned company seeks to make a profit in the context of significant business interest in machine intelligence. This firm also intends to offer products that are an alternative to those offered by Nvidia and AMD.

Kneron is backed by chip giant Qualcomm and major iPhone assembler Foxconn. On Wednesday, the company presented the KNEO 330, its second-generation edge GPT server.

GPT, a generative pre-trained transformer, belongs to the category of artificial intelligence algorithms, whose digital thinking was formed based on huge amounts of information. The corresponding algorithms can generate original text materials and images. The most famous example of a digital product in this category is ChatGPT from OpenAI.

Currently, many companies seeking to use artificial intelligence features and apps rely on technology giants such as Microsoft and Amazon through their cloud business. In this case, it means the so-called hyperscalers, that buy a huge number of chips from firms such as Nvidia to train up massive AI models in data centers where complex servers operate.

Kneron is betting that companies will not always be willing to rely on the specified technology giants for their artificial intelligence needs. The KNEO 330 is designed for companies that seek to run their own machine intelligence apps without using servers located elsewhere and owned by one of the major cloud players.

Albert Liu, CEO of Kneron, said during a conversation with media representatives that there is currently a significant need in the market for large high-tech firms, medical centers, or financial institutions that pay attention to their privacy. According to the head of the startup, companies may not want to transfer their data to a third party to use their artificial intelligence tools.

Kneron technology will help firms build their own AI apps using servers located on-premise at a business.

The startup also announced that its latest KL830 processor chip will be used in a new personal computer. This microcircuit will allow the PC to run artificial intelligence apps on the device without connecting to the Internet. It is expected that this solution will improve privacy. The specified assumption is based on the fact that the data will not be connected to the Internet. It is not yet known on which personal computers the KL830 will be used. It is worth noting that this chip was presented shortly after the new products from AMD and Nvidia were announced.

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