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Bank of America Reshuffles Lending Unit Employees

The media reports that the management of Bank of America has decided to reduce the staff of the division of this financial institution specializing in lending and capital management.

Bank of America Reshuffles Lending Unit Employees


The exact number of employees of the division affected by the reduction of the workforce is not reported. It is known that no more than 200 people will be dismissed. The media also report that some of the employees will not lose their jobs, but will be transferred to other divisions of the financial institution.

Representatives of the bank, commenting on the news about the reduction of the workforce, said that the business of the financial institution continues to move along the path of development against the background of growing customer needs. They also noted that in carrying out its activities, the Bank of America focuses on requests from consumers of financial services. This means that a financial institution focuses its main forces on those areas that are most important to customers at a particular moment.

The bank’s decision regarding the capital management and lending division is connected not only with the concept of the financial institution’s activities but also with the fact that the increase in interest rates contributed to the weakening of business on Wall Street. Currently, there is a slowdown in hiring in the entire lending sector. For example, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase laid off thousands of employees in their home lending units.

Bank of America suspended hiring in early 2023 as part of measures to prepare for a possible recession but abandoned the practice of large-scale reduction of the workforce, involving thousands of layoffs.

Over the past few months, many large banks, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse, have laid off more than 15,000 employees. In January, industry experts predicted a massive reduction in the workforce in the banking sector amid declining revenues. In the same month, Wells Fargo announced that it was reducing and simplifying its mortgage lending business.

As we have reported earlier, Bank of America introduced a fraud prevention tool.

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