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China Plans to Build Advanced Humanoid Robots

China intends to make a breakthrough in the science fiction industry by creating humanoid robots.

China Plans to Build Advanced Humanoid Robots

For many years, this Asian country has had ambitions to become a leader or at least one of the main players in the advanced spheres of activity. Beijing has plans for the development of artificial intelligence systems. Chinese scientists are also actively working in the sphere of quantum computing. The desire to have its own developments in those sectors that can be classified as the industry of the future is understandable, logical, and expedient since these technologies are a kind of symbolic key to the doors of the already mentioned future. China’s ambitions are not limited to AI and quantum computing. Local developers intend to achieve results in the creation of humanoid robots. In a sense, this sphere is a space in which the advanced achievements of science, technological solutions of a new generation, and ideas that originated in the universe of fiction, but have the potential to become an integral part of objective reality, are combined.

Humanoid robots are one of the main symbols of the picture of the future that traditionally arises in the collective human consciousness when thinking begins about what kind of familiar world will have in many years.

Chinese developers, as part of planning the way to achieve their more than ambitious goal, are guided by the principle of realism as a fundamental idea. This means the maximum level of similarity between a robot and a human. Surely, if the project is successful, there will be an opinion that such works are a potential army for the destruction of humanity, but technological progress is inexorable, and the probability of a negative scenario is only an assumption, and not a guaranteed version of the future.

Chinese developers plan to introduce the first humanoid robots by 2025. The corresponding plan was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of this country. The Chinese government intends to provide support to those companies in the initial stage of existence that are focused on activities in the sphere of robotics. Beijing is ready to set industry standards, develop talents, and deepen international cooperation.

The share price of Chinese robotics companies is currently showing growth.

This activity, supported by the authorities of the Asian country, according to experts, creates another dimension in the space of technological confrontation between Beijing and Washington. The two largest economies in the world are already competing in the production of chips and the creation of hardware.

So far, American companies Tesla and Boston Dynamics hold the leadership in sphere robotics. However Chinese developers can change the state of affairs in the industry. Tesla is working on the creation of its humanoid robot Optimus. Atlas development from Boston Dynamics can perform backflips. South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Group acquired control of this company in a deal worth $1.1 billion three years ago.

China is currently the No. 1 electronics manufacturer in the world. The country aims to achieve breakthroughs in such spheres as environmental sensing, motion control, and expanding the possibilities of machine-human interaction. The achievement of these goals is planned for the next two years. The Chinese government strongly encourages the use of artificial intelligence technologies in robotics. The country’s leadership also called for additional research on the development of robots’ hands, arms, and feet.

Beijing is striving to ensure that humanoid robots have their own thinking system and are capable of analyzing information coming from the outside world. China also wants these developments to be able to learn. Another expectation about the capabilities of robots is their ability to innovate. Beijing expects that the relevant goals will be achieved by 2027.

The Chinese Government intends to create a reliable industrial supply chain to support the production of these developments.

The value of the shares of Ningbo Zhongda Leader Intelligent Transmission Co. and Miracle Automation Engineering Co. amid news of Beijing’s plans in sphere robotics donkey by 10%.

Many experts expect that humanoid robots will do the work that currently enters the human activity space. These developments will be able to assemble products. Robots also have the potential to carry out activities in dangerous conditions.

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