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Curve Brings Wearable Payments to EU With Tappy Tech

The customers of the digital wallet Curve in 31 European countries will enjoy a new level of convenience and flexibility with wearable payments powered by Tappy Technologies

Curve brings wearable payments to EU with Tappy Tech

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The partnership between Curve and Tappy Technologies has enabled wearable tokenization solution across Europe and UK.

The launch of Tappy’s Wearable Token Services Platform in partnership with Curve aims to provide significant benefits to the company’s watch and jewellery partner brands, enabling them to extend their payment wearable offerings throughout the region and enlarge their customer bases. 

On the other hand, Curve’s customers in the UK and EU, who already have got an opportunity to maximize rewards from their cards, will be getting more control over their existing cards by turning their wallets into wearable technology.

To transform wearables into mobile payment carriers, users need to download the Curve app, link their Curve digital wallet to their existing bank accounts, debit or credit cards, and tokenize these payment means through Tappy Pay.

Tappy Technologies is the wearable and digital payments solution provider and wearable payment integrator connected to banking partners and card networks operating across North America, APAC and EMEA.

Its digital and hardware offerings are certified by industry standards including payment card industry (PCI) and EMVCo. Besides, Tappy was selected by Visa & Mastercard to be a “One for All” digital wallet solution provider for any practical accessory makers.

Curve is a financial super app, that brings together all one’s bank accounts and cards into one smart card and a single app. The fintech has over three million customers across 31 markets, including the UK, European Economic Area (EEA) and the US.

The company expects its collaboration with Tappy will help “bring Curve to people across the globe who are on-the-go and already using wearable technology every day.” It is a logical continuation of Curve’s mission “to simplify and unify the way our customers spend, budget and earn rewards.”

Previously, Curve also partnered with wearable payments enabler Digiseq to offer its clients across 31 European countries the opportunity to make contactless payments via multiple fashion items like rings, bracelets and clothing.

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