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Deloitte and Fintech Saudi to Launch Makken Program

Deloitte, a global professional services company, is currently implementing a partnership with Fintech Saudi.

Deloitte and Fintech Saudi to Launch Makken Program

The specified collaboration aims to provide support to firms that are in a state of development. In this case, it means companies that work in the financial technology sector of Saudi Arabia. Assistance will be provided to ensure the growth of the business of the players in the mentioned sector. Partnerships are implemented within the framework of a program called Makken.

Saudi Fintech is an initiative of the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia. This project was created as part of the interaction between the financial regulator and the Capital Market Authority. The initiative aims to ensure that Saudi Arabia becomes an innovative center of financial technologies, with an appropriate ecosystem of a high level of functionality.

Makken is focused on supporting entrepreneurs and startups from the mentioned country. As part of this program, companies operating in the sphere of financial technologies will be provided with support in the form of money and a comprehensive set of services, including cloud computing, cybersecurity products, and other innovative solutions.

Makken was launched this week in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. Mutasem Dajani, CEO of Deloitte in the Middle East, said that this program is a game changer. He also stated that this company is proud of its partnership with the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia and the Capital Market Authority.

Fintech firms participating in Makken will have access to Deloitte cloud services managed by OpenCloud. These technologies offer continuous automation, cloud optimization, and cybersecurity solutions for multi-cloud workloads.

Ali Hamid, Deloitte’s partner in the Middle East and the cloud leader in the region, says that Deloitte OpenCloud will provide the fintech industry representatives from Saudi Arabia with the infrastructure that provides fast delivery to support secure, compatible, scalable, and flexible operations. According to him, in this case, startups will be able to focus on creating innovative products without worrying about solving problems related to service management and cybersecurity.

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