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Payoneer Introduces New Features to Small Business Growth

Payoneer, a company operating in the financial technology industry, has announced new features that will enhance the quality of customer service and facilitate entrepreneurs’ access to the global economy.

Payoneer Introduces New Features to Small Business Growth

Oren Ryngler, Payoneer’s product director, says that the business trusts this firm and goes along with it on the path of growth, as the fintech brand is in a state of constant development to help consumers in ways that provide a high level of control and flexibility. According to him, the new Add Funds account feature will allow the company’s customers to strengthen monitoring of their finances. As part of this solution, consumers will be able to transfer money to Payoneer accounts from bank accounts.

The above-mentioned function guarantees small and medium-sized businesses financial flexibility and control. This solution is partially available in Latin America and Europe. In its press release, the company does not specify in which countries the new feature was launched. At the same time, the firm stated that the geography of use of this solution will expand.

Updates for Payoneer Checkout will facilitate the process of accepting payments to the company’s customers in an online environment through online stores. The company also claims that this solution can contribute to an increase in the conversion rate of consumers. Payoneer Checkout debuted last year. Since its launch, this functional system has demonstrated significant growth, as it is actively used by representatives of small and medium-sized businesses to achieve scaling goals. The updates include warnings about potential disputes.

Shopify’s built-in checkout feature allows sellers to provide customers with the opportunity to purchase seamlessly.

Also in the list of new features and updates, there is an offer to support multiple payments. In this case, customers are provided with great flexibility and time savings. The company has improved the processing of bulk payment transactions for the convenience of consumers. Batch payments support sending funds to 500 Payoneer accounts at the same time.

The new role management feature provides customers with the ability to distribute workload. In this case, account owners can set up roles for employees.

As we have reported earlier, Payoneer Singapore Receives MAS License.

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