Disney Tests AI Tool

Disney is currently beta-testing a new advertising tool for its streaming services that matches marketing videos with scenes in shows and movies.

Disney Tests AI Tool

The mentioned tool, as reported by the media, received the name Magic Words. This development uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and tag scenes within the Disney movie and TV series library.

The new tool identifies the content, brands, images, and mood in each scene by analyzing scenes and tagging them. The relevant information is then used as metadata. These datasets can be used by brands to personalize their messaging.

The final result of applying the new tool is to create a new form of contextual advertising for the streaming services Disney+ and Hulu. In this case, advertisers, in a sense, connect to the emotions of users, moving away from a wide demographic base and focusing on a specific audience that has its own specific perception.

Disney is currently working with six global advertising companies to beta-test a new tool using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The entertainment industry giant strives to achieve the maximum level of impact of advertising materials on the audience in the context of concepts that are the most convenient and understandable for the viewer’s perception.

Disney’s investment in streaming advertising technology is timely. Currently, advertisers are increasingly abandoning traditional broadcasting and cable television. In the first quarter of fiscal 2024, the entertainment industry giant’s advertising revenue fell by almost 3% to $3.35 billion.

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