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Dropbox Launches AI-Powered Products to Search and Organize Cloud Data

Last Wednesday, June 21, Dropbox announced the launch of new products based on artificial intelligence.

Dropbox Launches AI-Powered Products to Search and Organize Cloud Data

These products were named Dropbox Dash and Dropbox AI. With the help of new tools, users will be able to search, organize and receive information from the cloud data warehouse.

Co-founder and CEO of the company Drew Houston said that Dropbox Dash is a universal search engine based on artificial intelligence. Dropbox AI, he says, is designed to summarize files, questions, and answers. This tool, as stated by the head of the company, will help customers organize and receive information not only from their files but also from all cloud content.

Drew Houston says that chatbots based on artificial intelligence have incredible power and capture the imagination, but have a significant limitation, which is expressed in the fact that these tools cannot answer the user’s question about his content or his company, because there is no relevant information in their databases. He stated that Dropbox eliminates this shortcoming by creating a personalized AI. Currently, the company’s customer base is more than 700 million people who trust it with their most important information.

With Dropbox Dash, users can find and access any file or fragment of a data array. In this case, there is no need to move between platforms and applications.

Dropbox AI uses generative artificial intelligence to generalize and answer questions about the content that is stored on the virtual platform of this company. Users will receive the necessary information in the shortest possible time and at the same time they will not have to read entire documents or familiarize themselves with all the points of large files, including those elements in which there is no need and benefit in the context of a specific request.

Dropbox not only presented new products but also launched a new venture initiative, the cost of which is $ 50 million. Dropbox Ventures is designed to invest in next-generation startups that transform standard workflows through innovative ways of using artificial intelligence.

New Dropbox products are relevant, because currently, according to statistics, representatives of the field of intellectual labor spend more than 8 hours a week searching for files and content. Also, 69% of them lose about an hour every day while navigating between applications. New products, by optimizing the process of searching and systematizing information, make this activity more efficient and less costly in terms of the required time.

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