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FinMont to Partner With Chargebacks911

The global payment organization platform FinMont announced the beginning of cooperation with the company for the management of chargebacks Chargebacks911.

FinMont to Partner With Chargebacks911

Within the framework of this cooperation, the FinMont payment ecosystem will be expanded. A concrete result of the partners’ interaction will be the provision of a comprehensive repayment management plan for companies operating in the tourism sector with improved data analysis and increased profits.

The founders of the German airline Hahn Air launched FinMont to create a unique offer in the tourism industry that simplifies B2C payments and B2B payments. Combining two types of transactions in a single process will help decision-makers to identify and eliminate deficiencies in current payment operations. The company’s mission is to enable travel firms to use payments as a strategic tool that ensures a high level of competitiveness.

Chargebacks911 offers a solution for managing chargebacks using a comprehensive technology platform designed to prevent fraudulent actions after transactions. Platform based on arrays of data provides sellers with mechanisms to prevent chargeback transactions and correct errors.

Chargebacks911 currently supports over 2.5 million merchants worldwide. The company helps protect more than 2.4 billion online transactions.

The FinMont platform is aimed at deep transformation of payments by connecting several banks and providers through one gateway and improving authorization and conversion rates.

The ecosystem of the platform unites acquiring banks, payment service providers, anti-fraud, forex, and chargebacks.

Suby Valluri, CEO of FinMont, commenting on the partnership, said that Chargebacks911 is the world leader in combating fraud after transactions.

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