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Cartwheel Integrates With Toast Partner Ecosystem

Cartwheel, the on-demand delivery management platform, announced integration with the Toast partner ecosystem.

Cartwheel Integrates With Toast Partner Ecosystem

As a result of this integration, restaurants that use Cartwheel hybrid delivery technology and third-party fleet services will bee able to manage their delivery operations from the Toast point-of-sale (POS) system. The relevant information is contained in the press release of the companies, which was published last Thursday, August 10.

The open approach of Toast, which is based on partner activity as a mechanism for organizing the workflow, for many restaurants means access to Cartwheel technology designed to optimize delivery. This was announced by Cartwheel CEO and co-founder Alex Vasilkin. According to him, in such categories as, for example, pizza, efficiency is a factor of paramount importance. He also expressed pride in the fact that his company provides Toast customers with tools, the use of which contributes to increasing the level of efficiency in the delivery sector.

The hybrid Cartwheel delivery solution improves the quality of restaurants. In this case, the result is ensured by optimizing own and outsourced supplies. The solution guarantees flexibility and choice for the smooth execution of orders. In part, these advantages are the result of access to well-known third-party fleets at the national level.

The integration will facilitate the flow of orders between Toast and Cartwheel for restaurants. Also, in this case, the level of customer satisfaction increases both in the case of in-house delivery and by third-party suppliers using the proprietary order monitoring interface.

The Toast partner ecosystem consists of more than 200 companies and provides operators with specialized technologies and services related to sales, gaining guests, and interaction between bosses and employees.

Keith Corbin, senior director of business development at Toast, said that as a result of the integration, his company will offer customers the benefits of hybrid delivery and fleet management capabilities.

About a week ago, Toast introduced a new tool called Toast Catering&Events, which is integrated with a POS terminal and helps restaurants manage food orders and plan events. It is these aspects of activity that are a priority for catering establishments that are trying to diversify their sources of income.

In February, Toast acquired Delphi Display Systems, a company that specializes in digital drive-through signage. This transaction will allow the firm to integrate its offerings in fast food restaurants and simplify the service model, the importance of which has been increasing in the last few years.

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