Fiverr Unveils All-in-One Freelancer Management Platform

Fiverr freelancers marketplace has presented a platform through which companies can manage employees.

Fiverr Unveils All-in-One Freelancer Management Platform


The platform was named Fiverr Enterprise. In this case, enterprises receive a universal tool for finding, attracting, managing, and paying freelance workers. Also, the new tool greatly simplifies the process of tracking the budget. Another advantage is the simplification of tax and legal classification.

The new tool will also help determine compliance with the requirements of the workforce.

The platform is the result of integration into the overall business of Stoke Talent, which Fiverr acquired in 2021. The value of this transaction was $95 million. Misha Kaufman, founder, and CEO of Fiverr, says that the trend of integrating freelancers into the strategy of attracting labor to stimulate growth is gaining popularity at the international level.

Fiverr Enterprise will allow large companies to quickly and easily interact with an integral part of the workforce and seamlessly integrate talented freelancers into everyday work processes.

LendingClub Financial Health Officer Anuj Nayyar says that American workers are increasingly looking for additional earnings, and this trend is a new reality that is gradually transforming into the norm of the labor market. He also noted that the total income in the field of part-time work is more than $50 billion per month.

Among those Americans who work full-time, 29% receive additional income in various ways. The corresponding trend was marked at the beginning of 2022 against the background of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and inflation. Anuj Nayyar believes that the situation will continue to develop along this trajectory. He noted that according to the results of a survey of Americans who do not have additional income, it turned out that 51% of them plan to find another source of profit as a result of work shortly.

Fiverr’s February earnings report contains information about the business community’s restrained approach to spending. The CEO of the company says that the trend towards remote work and a flexible workforce is long-term. He also stressed that for firms, attracting a workforce that combines full-time and independent employees is particularly relevant.

As we have reported earlier, popular online marketplace opens local platform in Europe.

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