Former FTX US President Taps Power of AI in New Investing Company

The former president of FTX US, Brett Harrison, has launched a new project, whose activities are related to providing artificial intelligence tools to independent investors.

Former FTX US President Taps Power of AI in New Investing Company

Harrison’s new company was named Architect Financial Technologies. The firm’s efforts are aimed at providing sophisticated individual investors with institutional-level trading software and ensuring ChatGPT integration.

Harrison, while talking to reporters, said that these solutions will help implement complex trading strategies. He also noted that his company will be able to significantly reduce the barrier to entry into writing such business plans through the use of hints in natural language.

The firm also intends to provide services to hedge funds, asset managers, and other institutional players. In January of this year, the company managed to raise investment funds in the amount of $ 5 million. At the same time, Harrison hoped that this amount would be twice as much. He admitted that some investors have concerns about the prospects of interaction with the former head of FTX US. Harrison has never been accused in court proceedings and has not received complaints about ignoring legislative norms.

In January, the former head of FTX US, in messages about the collection of investment funds posted on Twitter, negatively criticized the former place of work and personally Sam Bankman-Fried. In this way, he tried to distance himself from the failed online cryptocurrency exchange service. Harrison noted that there were no assumptions in his thoughts that the root cause of problems that do not seem fatal to business is fraud in the amount of several billion dollars.

Architect Financial Technologies is an independent business. Harrison announced this in late May on his Twitter account. He stated that his company has taken measures to ensure a high level of security and maximum compliance with privacy standards. According to him, the firm has implemented a special regime, within which software platforms that connect to financial trading platforms work.

Harrison says that Architect Financial Technologies, instead of hosting a centralized service, offers customers software packages that allow them to run the company’s platform on their computers.

Generative artificial intelligence is gradually becoming an integral technological component of enterprises’ activities. AI transforms the operational landscape and makes adjustments to the way work is organized. Harrison’s new business is a case point in this sense.

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