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IBM and Adobe Expand Partnership With Generative AI Focus

IBM and Adobe announced the expansion of cooperation in order to provide brands with the opportunity to create content using artificial intelligence.

IBM and Adobe Expand Partnership With Generative AI Focus

As part of the new partnership initiative announced last Monday, June 19, IBM Consulting will present a portfolio of Adobe consulting services. With these instruments, customers will be able to navigate the complex technological space of artificial intelligence. IBM’s press release contains information that as part of the new solution, innovation, design, and technology will be combined to digitally rethink customer interaction.

Adobe corporate clients will have access to IBM Consulting experts. In this case, consumers will receive assistance in implementing generative artificial intelligence models that can be used for design and creative processes.

Matt Candy, Global Managing Partner of IBM iX Customer & Experience Transformation, IBM Consulting, says that currently there is an incredible dynamics of AI implementation. According to him, the number of brands that use artificial intelligence to create a seamless and highly personalized customer experience, which is a kind of base for stimulating growth and increasing productivity, is actively increasing.

Candy said that expanding strategic cooperation with Adobe will help marketers develop AI-based applications more effectively. At the same time, as he stated, in this case, it is possible to install fences that will make the process of using artificial intelligence consistent with the principles of trust and transparency. The consistency and integrity of the brand will also be ensured.

The presence of artificial intelligence in the proposals of various companies is gradually becoming a common practice, which is by degrees approaching the threshold of the generally accepted. Last week, the Meta Platforms generative AI model was presented, which can edit audio materials, and sample and stylize sound recordings.

Generative artificial intelligence significantly affects the customer service sector. Advanced technologies can assess the emotional state of consumers, give advice according to specific needs and carry out transactions.

Last month, IBM decided to slow down recruitment. This decision concerns those positions whose functional responsibilities can be handled by artificial intelligence. Arvind Krishna, CEO of the company, said that AI could replace 30% of employees over the next five years. At the same time, he clarified that these opportunities do not mean large-scale layoffs in the future.

As we have reported earlier, IBM Intros Slew of New AI Services.


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