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Google Consolidates AI Teams to Accelerate Progress

Google, within the framework of a single structural unit, has united its two teams of specialists who are engaged in developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

Google Consolidates AI Teams to Accelerate Progress


DeepMind and the Brain team from Google Research have been merged into a new division of the tech giant, which has been named Google DeepMind. This combined team of specialists will focus on the new era of artificial intelligence. This was announced by Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai in his blog last Thursday, April 20.

Pichai also noted that the pace of progress that is currently being observed is significantly higher than the intensity of creation and implementation of innovations that has ever been recorded before. He said that the new division will allow the technology giant to create more powerful AI systems while ensuring a high level of security based on an approach to responsibility as one of the main principles of work. Pichai said that these efforts will be part of a global strategy to boldly and responsibly develop general artificial intelligence.

Google’s research, according to the CEO, will continue to focus on fundamental advances in computer science. Pichai also stated in his blog that the tech giant has been an AI-first company since 2016 and uses AI to improve the search engine, YouTube, Gmail, and the camera of Pixel phones. Google Cloud helps businesses and developers implement artificial intelligence solutions.

Drawing attention to the numerous achievements of Brain and DeepMind over the past 10 years, Pichai said that combining these talents into a single force will significantly accelerate the company’s progress in the field of AI. He also expressed his excitement about what the next stage of the development of artificial intelligence will be and to what technological level the development of AI, which is becoming more responsible and expanding the boundaries of possibilities, will lead.

Some companies have been using artificial intelligence-based technologies for many years to support front-end and server business processes. But at present, the capabilities of AI and the degree of its involvement in the surrounding world and the processes taking place in it are at a fundamentally different level.

For a long time, artificial intelligence has been a working tool that contributes to the implementation of the strategy of digital transformation of business and commerce, but qualitatively different technologies based on this, such as ChatGPT, have turned the chessboard into an abstract-symbolic and substantive-practical sense.

Currently, a confrontation zone is being formed between Microsoft and Google, where the winner will be the side of the battle that will create the best search engine based on AI. Microsoft, through investing in the creator of ChatGPT OpenAI, is trying to cancel Google’s dominant status in the Internet search sector.

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