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Google Invites Companies to Join Single-Use Plastics Challenge

The Single-Use Plastics Challenge will give food companies the opportunity to test their sustainable packaging solutions in Google’s U.S.-based cafes and MicroKitchens

Google single-use plastics


In the anticipation of World Earth Day, the tech giant Google announced an initiative to tackle the world’s plastic pollution problem.

As the company rethinks its approach to sourcing products, serving food and reducing waste, it is aiming to switch from single-use disposable products in onsite food service operations to more sustainable and reusable solutions.

Therefore, Google launched the Single-Use Plastics Challenge. Food and beverage companies that have single-use, plastic-free packaging solutions can apply to the Challenge. The main requirements are that the offered products meet U.S. federal, state and local food safety regulations and Google Food program standards for health, environmental, social and financial considerations.

The winners will get the opportunity to test their solutions in Google’s U.S.-based cafes and MicroKitchens, as well as pitch their products to leading global food operators to scale them across the U.S.

The initiative is conducted in collaboration with the premier food service management company Canteen and other food service partners.

Reducing its plastic footprint is one of the ways Google is working on its sustainability commitments across operations, partnerships and products.

Last year, Google Cloud joined MAS to catalyse climate fintech solutions. Earlier, the company launched a startup accelerator to support projects focused on sustainable development.

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