Google Launches AI Chatbot in Europe

Google announced the launch of Bard, an artificial intelligence-based chatbot, in Europe and Brazil.

Google Launches AI Chatbot in Europe

The tech giant said that its AI configuration is capable of generating responses to user requests in more than 40 languages, including Hindi and Chinese.

Google announces in some regions, about which there is no information yet, the functionality of Bard will be expanded. As part of the improvement, the chatbot will receive the functions of uploading images with hints and analyzing photos.

European countries have become one of the last world regions where the process of functioning a chatbot from Google was launched. Since the beginning of this year, this configuration of machine intelligence has become available in about 180 countries. The tech giant said that the relatively late launch of the AI model in Europe is the result of uncertainty about the compliance of the artificial intelligence service with the EU general data protection regulation.

Google’s senior product director Jack Krawczyk told reporters that the problem of launching a chatbot in the European Internet space was solved following very productive negotiations between the company and local regulators monitoring compliance with privacy standards. He also said that the technology giant expects a constant dialogue with the European authorities on transparency, choice, and regulation.

Jack Krawczyk said that the company will provide consumers with the most clearly worded notifications containing comprehensive data on the principles of the use and storage of personal information. According to him, the technology giant has provided for the possibility of a ban on familiarization with the content of conversations by Google employees. Separately, he noted that such data, if approved by users, is used to improve a digital product based on artificial intelligence. This principle of chatbot control will be relevant all over the world, and not only in European countries.

Experts say that the current version of those provisions of EU legislation that relate to the technology sector slows down the development of this industry and suggests barriers to the introduction of digital products in the countries of the bloc. For example, Meta Platforms has not yet launched its new Threads application in European countries. The media, citing an informed source, reported that the technology giant needs time to figure out on what principle the new European competition laws will be applied, according to which a ban on combining data between virtual platforms by gatekeepers is established.

Chatbots developed based on large language models faced obstacles when launching in Europe due to legislation on the protection of confidential information. For example, in Italy in the spring, a temporary ban on the use of ChatGPT was established.

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