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Google Offers Enhanced Generative AI Features for Cloud Clients

Google has announced updated artificial intelligence features for its cloud computing customers.

Google Offers Enhanced Generative AI Features for Cloud Clients

Currently, the mentioned technology giant is seeking to gain market share in digital intelligence. The company is striving to catch up with its competitors in this area, including the combined forces of Microsoft Corporation and startup OpenAI, which are among the main beneficiaries of the artificial intelligence boom.

On Wednesday, December 13, Google presented a version of its Gemini machine intelligence model called Pro. This digital product is intended for enterprises. With the help of the version of the artificial intelligence system presented on Wednesday, developers can create apps.

Gemini is a large-scale model of machine intelligence. This development of the technology giant is trained to work with large amounts of information materials. This artificial intelligence model can generate content based on user requests.

Google Cloud customers can use the mentioned AI system to create such virtual products as chatbots, easy-to-query inventory databases, and marketing presentations.

The company said that Gemini Pro will be free for cloud customers at launch, with some restrictions. The tech giant also stated its intention to ensure that the cloud artificial intelligence offering will be provided to consumers at a competitive price.

The company also claims that Gemini Pro’s text capabilities are four times cheaper for input and two times cheaper for output compared to the latest iteration of its PaLM 2 machine intelligence model, released in June.

Google Cloud Chief Executive Officer Thomas Kurian stated that Gemini is for generalization and seamless understanding, and works with various types of information, including text, audio, video, images, and code.

The technology giant is one of the pioneers in the sphere of the development and study of generative artificial intelligence. At the same time, this company is currently not a leader in the digital intelligence market. Google failed to become the main beneficiary of AI development due to the too-slow pace of launching virtual products based on advanced technology. The company has faced criticism due to the mentioned slowness.

Gemini is Google’s attempt to gain a foothold in the artificial intelligence market. This AI model has three versions, including Ultra, Pro and Nano. Gemini Nano can run on Google’s flagship Pixel 8 Pro smartphone.

The tech giant has also developed a special Gemini Pro configuration for Bard, an artificial intelligence-based chatbot. This Google digital product is an attempt to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Gemini Pro supports 38 languages in 180 countries around the world. This version of the artificial intelligence model accepts text as input data and generates information material in this format as output data.

Google is also releasing a special Gemini Pro Vision platform. This digital product based on machine intelligence can process text and image user’s requests.

Gemini Ultra is the flagship modification of the artificial intelligence model. This product will be available to selected cloud customers before its launch to the general public.

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