Google Rebrands Bard Chatbot

Google has rebranded its chatbot based on artificial intelligence and announced the launch of a new user subscription offer, through which consumers will have access to the most powerful AI model developed by this technology giant.

Google Rebrands Bard Chatbot

The machine intelligence configuration created by the specialists of the mentioned company will allow the main player in the global Internet search industry to fully compete with OpenAI.

The Google chatbot originally had the name Bard. After the rebranding, this digital product is presented in the line of developments of the technology giant as Gemini. The chatbot will still be available to users for free. However, for a fee of $19.99 per month, representatives of the Gemini customer base will also have the opportunity to apply the most powerful development in the line of artificial intelligence models from Google. This configuration of machine intelligence is called Ultra 1.0. The most powerful artificial intelligence model developed by the leader of the global Internet search industry will offer users benefits such as improved ability to cope with complex tasks, including coding and logical reasoning. The relevant information is contained in the message of the technology giant.

The concept of market positioning of the Google chatbot provided for the designation of this digital product as a competitor to ChatGPT from OpenAI, which is the most popular development in the corresponding category. The rebranding that turned Bard into Gemini is evidence that the tech giant is looking to find a business model for investing in artificial intelligence. It is worth noting that participation in the development of AI creates a kind of market opportunity space for any company. Huge computing power and other resources are required for the effective implementation of relevant activities.

Alphabet Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat said during an earnings report last week that the capital spending of this conglomerate of companies that includes Google, will be much higher in the current year than in 2023.

The rebranding of Bard also allows for the creation of a more cohesive structure for the artificial intelligence tools offered and used by the tech giant. Google names many AI-based products after the engine based on which it carries out the process of functioning of these developments.

The Gemini artificial intelligence model debuted in December. This configuration of machine intelligence has several versions. One of the Gemini modifications can run directly on smartphones. The advanced version of the artificial intelligence model, as already mentioned, is called Ultra 1.0.

Currently, Google adheres to an AI-related business strategy, which involves free and paid modifications of the chatbot. The corresponding concept is somewhat similar to the commercial approach of OpenAI. ChatGPT developer charges a $20 monthly fee to provide users with access to the premium version of its digital product.

OpenAI is currently actively cooperating with Microsoft. As part of the partnership between the two companies, a project is being implemented to introduce artificial intelligence into the Bing Internet search system. In this case, OpenAI is challenging Google’s core business, which has been kind of the dominant player in the sphere of internet search for decades.

The technology giant, which is part of Alphabet’s ownership structure, is aware of the increased competition and threats to its commercial results associated with the corresponding trend. Google offers the user several advantages. Consumers who pay for a premium One AI subscription will be able to apply Gemini in popular products such as Gmail and Google Docs. In this case, there is no need to toggle back and forth between the specified services using ChatGPT.

Users can interact with Gemini by applying text, images, and speech. For example, a person involved in a car accident can take photos at the scene and send these materials to a chatbot to receive recommendations on further actions in the situation.

Sissie Hsiao, vice president and general manager of Google, said that the new solutions related to artificial intelligence in the functional system of the technology giant are the first step towards creating a true AI-based assistant.

Access to Gemini will be provided through a special app in the Android mobile operating system. For iPhone owners, the chatbot will be integrated into the Google app. Initially, the updated digital product will be available in the United States in English. American users can already access the chatbot that has undergone the rebranding procedure. The tech giant is currently working on adding more languages to Gemini and expanding the geography of its availability.

For registered customers, the updated chatbot will in some cases replace Google Assistant, a virtual voice service capable of responding to user requests. Last month, hundreds of employees working on the voice assistant were laid off.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said last week that progress in the area of artificial intelligence is allowing Google’s products with AI to act more like an agent. In this context, he noted the prospects for machine intelligence to exceed beyond the scope of activities in the format of answering questions.

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