Google Reportedly to Start Manufacturing Pixel Smartphones in India by Next Quarter

The media reported that Google plans to launch production of its Pixel smartphones in India by the next quarter.

Google Reportedly to Start Manufacturing Pixel Smartphones in India by Next Quarter

Currently, the mentioned technology giant, which is based in Menlo Park, California, is looking to diversify its supply chain beyond China. This company, like many other firms, intends to take measures that will allow it to avoid potential damage amid growing tensions in relations between Beijing and Washington. The negative state of political interaction between the United States and China has already caused brands from the Asian country to lose access to advanced chips from abroad and face restrictions on the ability to import equipment needed for making microcircuits.

Google’s decision to launch smartphone production in India is also because this country is currently experiencing intensive growth in the local market for the corresponding devices. With a high degree of probability, the technology giant will be able to become a beneficiary of the mentioned reality.

Also, the launch of smartphone production in India will contribute to Google’s ambitious goal, which provides for the shipment of more than 10 million Pixel phones to the market this year.

Media reports that making Pixel 8 Pro at production facilities in the South Asian country will be launched between April and June. Manufacturing of the Pixel 8, according to preliminary information, will begin in the middle of the current year.

Google is aiming to compete in the Indian smartphone market with brands such as Apple, Samsung, Vivo, and Xiaomi.

Counterpoint Research data shows that more than 10 million iPhones were sold in the South Asian country last year. This means that Apple will pay significant attention to the local market, which will be a factor in increasing competition.

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