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Google Pauses Gemini AI Image Generator

Google on Thursday, February 22, announced the decision to suspend the operation of the image generation function, which is included in the list of capabilities of the artificial intelligence model called Gemini.

Google Pauses Gemini AI Image Generator

The tech giant made the mentioned decision because AI makes inaccuracies in historical pictures. On social media platforms, users have posted reports that the specified artificial intelligence tool generates images of historical figures, such as the founding fathers of the United States, as people of color. In this case, inaccuracy is fixed in terms of such a parameter as historical reliability.

The technology giant on the social media platform X on Wednesday, February 21, posted a publication noting that the artificial intelligence function, which, as it is known, has demonstrated inaccuracies, can generate a wide range of people. The company noted that this specificity is positive since the mentioned AI tool is used by consumers around the world. At the same time, there was no mention in the publication posted on X that the artificial intelligence function generates content that does not correspond to reality. However, the tech giant noted that work is underway to immediately improve the images created by AI.

On Thursday, the tech giant published an updated message that contains information about the suspension of the Gemini image-generating function. The company intends to release an improved version of the tool shortly.

The image generation feature was launched by the tech giant in early February.

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