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Hugo Boss Adds NFC Tags to Headwear for Digital Twins Creation

Hugo Boss added equipped a selection of baseball caps with an NFC tag that enables purchasers to create NFT digital twins and dress their metaverse avatars

Hugo Boss NFC tag

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Hugo Boss fashion house continues its metaverse efforts with the new NFC tag added to a range of baseball caps. Scanning the tag enables purchasers to create their non-fungible token (NFT) virtual twins while dressing avatars on the Ready Player Me metaverse platform.

The first original NFT collection was launched by Hugo Boss’s brand Hugo, in collaboration with metaverse character provider Imaginary Ones, in November 2022. It consisted of 1,001 3D animations called Embrace Your Emotions. Each NFT includes one of six characters. Five of them represent five primary human feelings: joy, sadness, fear, anger, and love. A sixth character combines all five emotions together.

Physical T-shirts, that accompanied the collection, contained one of the emotion characters and a QR code which directed users to a Snapchat Lens creating a special effect. In addition, NFT holders could access Imaginary Ones’ staking ecosystem, which gives holders a set of HUGO x 10 merchandise that includes wearables, experiences, and other content.

With the latest innovation, the collection is turning ‘phygital’ (which is the blend of physical + digital), bringing added value to the NFT holders.

Using Ready Player Me Metaverse 3D Avatar Creator, customers can create a full-body 3D avatar with a selfie and use it as a character in the metaverse. The company’s cross-game metaverse avatar platform allows users to explore various virtual worlds with one consistent identity.

With the help of Hugo Boss’ NFC tags, those interoperable avatars will be able to wear brand baseball caps and hoodies. Ready Player Me has partnered with over 3,000 game and app companies using its avatars.

An increasing number of fashion brands are exploring the possibilities of NFT and Metaverse technologies. Thus, Nike has connected physical clothing with AR NFTs using NFC technology and presented a ‘phygital’ sneakers collection.

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