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IBM Launches New Version of WatsonX AI Platform

IBM has announced the release of new enhancements for its WatsonX artificial intelligence platform.

IBM Launches New Version of WatsonX AI Platform

In this case, it is appropriate to talk about a new version of the mentioned platform, since the company has created a set of functional solutions, the use of which actually forms a new configuration of the digital product. The updates and innovations announced by the developer last Thursday, September 7, include a technical preview of watsonx.governance, new services for working with arrays of information using machine intelligence coming to, and the planned integration of the basic model for individual software and infrastructure solutions. These innovations were mentioned by the company in a press release published regarding the modernization of the platform.

The firm also announced that developers will be able to access many new features and models at the TechXchange event, which will be held next week in Las Vegas.

The company’s new configurations of generative artificial intelligence for the platform include the Granite series, the presentation of which is scheduled for the end of September. These machine intelligence models use the Decoder architecture, which is a kind of technological core of modern large language models that allow these developments to predict the next word in the text sequence line and supports corporate NLP tasks, including analysis of processed materials based on the method of semantic systematization of their content, creation of original text and multimedia constructions, and information extraction.

IBM is also currently offering consumers access to the model Meta Llama 2-chat with 70 billion parameters. In IBM Cloud, customers can use StarCoder LLM to generate code in in IBM Cloud.

The WatsonX presentation took place in May. Then the company’s CEO Arvind Krishna said that this platform was created in order for consumers to gain access to the benefits of artificial intelligence. He noted that WatsonX allows customers to quickly train and deploy custom AI capabilities throughout the business and at the same time maintain full control over their data.

Prior to the presentation of the platform, IBM was working on creating an artificial intelligence model that is capable of learning and processing human language. This project faced difficulty due to the fact that the high cost of the AI configuration has become a kind of financial barrier to the implementation of the development by companies. In May, during a conversation with the media, Arvin Krishna stated that a significant reduction in the cost of the product is a factor in its attractiveness. He also noted that the first barrier that needs to be overcome when creating an artificial intelligence model is a difficult task, but after the company copes with it, it does not have difficulties during the adaptation of the development for a hundred or thousands of different use cases.

Last week, IBM announced a collaboration with Salesforce. These partnerships are aimed at helping companies implement machine intelligence to manage the process of interaction with customers and at the same time provide a high level of data protection.

Matt Candy, IBM Consulting’s global managing partner for generative AI, said that the need to increase employee productivity and simultaneously improve the quality of customer service through speed, convenience, and personalization is currently growing exponentially. According to him, the partnership will allow expand the possibilities of scaling and accelerate the introduction of generative artificial intelligence, which will help meet business needs.

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