Intel CEO Says About Central Role of Chipmaker’s Technology in AI Boom

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said that the technology of this chip manufacturing company will become vital for the artificial intelligence computing industry.

Intel CEO Says About Central Role of Chipmaker’s Technology in AI Boom

This brand was one of the main chip manufacturers in the world, but eventually lost this status, losing its position to players who were able to offer more advanced products. Pat Gelsinger plans to start a movement aimed at returning the company to the technological Olympus. During a speech at Intel’s annual innovation conference, he announced the success of the brand in the area of manufacturing technologies.

Also, according to Pat Gelsinger, the company has achievements in creating tools designed for use by developers of software for artificial intelligence. He stated that Intel’s respective capabilities to create high-tech products will be enhanced. Pat Gelsinger noted that the development of the company’s abilities will be carried out as the scale of integration of artificial intelligence into personal computers expands.

The head of the company said that machine intelligence is a kind of signal of a generational change, which launches a new era of global expansion, where the fundamental importance of computing technology for a better future for everyone is increasing. According to him, the current historical moment in the technological space creates significant business and social opportunities for developers. Pat Gelsinger says that modern realities in the innovation sector provide tools for expanding the boundaries of what is possible and creating solutions to the most serious global problems concerning the entire human civilization.

Currently, Intel is striving to increase consumer interest in its technologies and return to the era when the annual conferences of this company offered a roadmap for the entire computer industry and formed the vector of development of this sphere of activity.

Pat Gelsinger says that the scale of the application of artificial intelligence will not be limited to data centers of cloud providers that actively use chips manufactured by Nvidia. In his opinion, AI will appear on the PC market, which is currently going through hard times.

The head of the brand announced his intention to modernize the company’s production technologies at an unprecedented pace. He also said that as part of the relevant efforts, the Intel 3-chip production technology will be ready for implementation by the end of this year.

Intel’s mistakes in a sense have become an opportunity for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing and Samsung Electronics. The Taiwanese company and the South Korean industrial giant were able to surpass the brand headed by Pat Gelsinger in terms of manufacturing prowess. Nvidia’s position in the technology sector has also improved and strengthened significantly recently. This company has become the main supplier of accelerators for artificial intelligence, which are the processors necessary to cope with the workloads of AI.

Pat Gelsinger says Intel has made some progress in its acceleration efforts. According to him, the company’s product line called Gaudi2 has advantages in some areas. He also said that the new Intel Core Ultra processors will include a neural processing unit, which will accelerate the operation of machine intelligence software on a PC. The first versions of these chips will be available in December of this year.

Efforts to increase the level of competitiveness of the company are not the only activity of Pat Gelsinger as head of Intel. There is also a plan to open a production network for external customers. This decision applies even to those firms that are in competition with Intel. The implementation of this intention will require the company’s advanced production capabilities. The breakthrough in the so-called foundry business, according to Pat Gelsinger, will happen by 2025.

Software developers who intend to use Intel’s new advanced technologies will be the first to get the opportunity to test their products using the chip manufacturer’s cloud. The corresponding service allows testing workloads over the Internet on computers. Customers will have additional opportunities to speed up this work after Intel chips appear in the category of publicly available products.

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