Intel Presents Server and PC Chips

Intel Corporation, the largest manufacturer of processors for personal computers, has announced new chips for PCs and data centers.

Intel Presents Server and PC Chips

The mentioned brand hopes that the new microcircuits will allow it to gain its share in the artificial intelligence hardware market, which is currently in a state of active growth.

Intel’s new product line includes server chips Xeon. In this case, it should be clarified that this is not a new product in the full sense of the corresponding definition, but an upgrade of an existing microcircuit, which is characterized by a higher level of performance and increased memory capacity. The relevant information is contained in the manufacturer’s statement, released on Thursday, December 14.

New Intel Ultra Core chips for laptops and desktops will allow PCs to directly handle artificial intelligence functions.

The most notable product in the manufacturer’s line of new developments is the microcircuit Gaudi 3, which is a competitor to the industry leader H100 from Nvidia Corp. Such chips are designated as artificial intelligence accelerators. These products are used to create chatbots and other AI-based services. According to preliminary information, Gaudi 3 will be on the market next year.

Intel Chief Executive Officer Pat Gelsinger expects that the functions of artificial intelligence will help boost the business growth of the corporation he heads. This brand has faced damage due to management mistakes. The corporation also found itself in a zone of negative impact of a large-scale decline in the production of personal computers. Another factor shaping Intel’s difficult position is increased competition. For example, the share of Advanced Micro Devices Inc. in the PC and server market has increased significantly in recent years.
Some of Intel’s former largest customers are currently engaged in independent chip development activities.

Nvidia now occupies a dominant position in the microcircuits market for data centers. This company is engaged in the production of the most popular accelerators of machine intelligence. Nvidia’s product sales are showing a sharp increase. The company’s market value has exceeded the landmark mark of $1.1 trillion. Analysts predict that this year Nvidia will overtake Intel in total revenue for the first time. For decades, the company, headed by Pat Gelsinger, has been the largest chip manufacturer in the world.

AMD is also making significant efforts in the sphere of making microcircuits. Next year, an artificial intelligence accelerator called MI300, developed by this company will debut. Last week, AMD predicted that the AI accelerator market could grow to more than $400 billion in the next four years.

Intel hopes to improve its competitiveness by transferring data processing using artificial intelligence to devices, partially abandoning the centers of the corresponding functional purpose. The new Ultra Core chips, which are capable of handling such tasks, will be available in about 230 PC models from manufacturers such as Dell Technologies Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co.

Currently, the machine intelligence industry is focused on developing chatbots and services based on advanced technology using training, which is a kind of bombardment of software with data. Intel believes that its new Xeon data center processors and PC chips will allow companies to focus on actually running their completed software. The corporation took into account the fact that AI will quickly drain the laptop battery. Intel claims that it has created new core components of a higher level of efficiency, the maximum modifications of which provide more than 10 hours of battery life for the device even when performing complex tasks.

The Xeon processor line will receive new elements that will allow laptops to cope 42% better with workloads related to artificial intelligence compared to the previous generation of this product, released in January this year.

Intel has stated that the new component will be 36% better when measuring performance per watt of electricity. In the first half of next year, the manufacturer plans to release new products within the Xeon line.

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