JPMorgan Chase Starts Digital Media Business

JPMorgan Chase on Wednesday, April 3, reported the launch of a new business in the sphere of digital media.

JPMorgan Chase Starts Digital Media Business

The new line of activity of the mentioned financial institution will provide advertisers with a kind of space of extremely important data to form the concept of their business. The bank will provide access to information about the spending of 80 million of its customers. It is worth noting that in this case, the provision of confidential data of consumers of financial institution services is not implied.

The new platform, called Chase Media Solutions, will combine the scale of the retail media network with information about transactions owned by Chase. In this case, brands will be able to accurately target customers.

The financial institution launches a media business two years after the implementation of the deal to acquire the Figg card-linking marketing platform.

Chase Media has designed 30-day campaigns for its partners in the initial pilot project, including the company Blue Bottle Coffee, the Whataburger fast food restaurant chain, and the budget airline Air Canada.

JPMorgan Chase, which is currently the largest financial institution in the United States by assets, will release its performance results next week.

The US banking sector is an important part of the economic system of this country. This sphere of activity is characterized by advanced solutions. The mentioned feature means that many banks at the conceptual level consider the versatility of their business as one of the main guidelines. JPMorgan’s new line of business confirms this statement. In general, the American financial system has an extensive history. There are many interesting facts about US money. The history of the financial system continues in the format of active development.

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