Klarna Expands Ad and Marketing Tools for Creators and Retailers

The Klarna payment network has decided to expand its advertising and marketing tools for creators and retailers.

Klarna Expands Ad and Marketing Tools for Creators and Retailers

This company announced new offers last Monday, November 13. The firm will introduce new versions of the Ad Manager and Creator Shops.

David Sandstrom, head of marketing at Klarna, says that the company’s corporate solutions are turning it into a growing partner and retail media network in the industry outside of BNPL. According to him, the firm’s combined network of more than 1 million retail partners and creators around the world now has even more effective ways to reach 150 million dedicated Klarna customers. He also stated that as a result of the company’s advanced solutions, consumers can enjoy the benefits of a more relevant and personalized shopping experience.

Ads Manager, which is included in the firm’s list of offers and originally launched in the United States, is now available to retailers in the UK and Sweden. As part of this solution, customers can share their information with the company and make purchases as part of a more personalized experience.

The firm’s press release indicates that Ads Manager provides a demonstration of relevant content to consumers, allowing retailers to reach people who are looking for brands and products similar to their own. The company’s platform offers users who are engaged in commercial activities and are interested in promoting their product a simpler and more effective way of advertising. In this case, consumers get access to an algorithm that includes the creation of marketing materials, audience targeting, and intra-platform reporting for optimization.

The company opened Creator Shops in the USA after the debut of the corresponding program in Europe. As part of this solution, customers can create their storefronts on and get access to tools that provide a consistent shopping experience and enable users to easily find product recommendations from favorite creators.

The firm, citing the results of its research, reports that more than half of young consumers prefer to purchase goods on social media platforms. Data from other companies and organizations confirm this statement. For example, according to the results of one of the industry studies, it was found that in the United States, more than 40% of consumers are looking for products on social media platforms.

Experts say that this trend is natural against the background of modern technological realities. According to them, social networks have become an effective tool for a significant part of consumers to search and purchase goods. Experts note that virtual platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube have already changed the way of making purchases. Separately, they drew attention to the fact that each of the mentioned brands satisfies different interests within the framework of offering commercial solutions to consumers. The impact of these virtual platforms is confirmed by so-called viral purchases and billions of views of hashtags like, for example, #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt.

At the same time, Klarna notes that many consumers claim difficulties when searching for goods in the digital retail space and call the path from viewing certain products to purchasing it unpredictable.

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