Numarics Raises €10 Million to Offer Small Businesses All-in-One Digital CFO Solution

Swiss fintech startup Numarics announced the raising of investment funds for 10 million euros following the results of the initial round of financing.

Numarics Raises €10 Million to Offer Small Businesses All-in-One Digital CFO Solution

This startup specializes in providing a digital financial solution for optimizing administrative processes for small and medium-sized businesses.

The company will use part of the funds received to improve its product. The startup also intends to spend part of the money to accelerate the process of deploying activities in the financial markets of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Another area of investment use is the expansion of functionality. The startup also plans to automate processes with the help of attracted financing and expand the list of services that contribute to business development.

The founders of the company, Kristian Kabashi and Dominique Rey, say that by combining various software for accounting, invoicing, working with documents, and liquidity planning, they strive to build a back office of the future that will relieve small and medium-sized businesses from the need to perform routine management duties. According to them, the startup provides entrepreneurs with a solution that allows them to cope with management tasks more effectively and provides an opportunity to accelerate scaling.

The company was founded in 2020. The startup is based in Zurich. The company currently has nine offices throughout Switzerland. The client base of the firm consists of more than 3 thousand people. The startup’s toolkit allows you to manage payments, cash flows, and financial services, including loans and invoicing.

Services for medium and small businesses are currently increasing in number. For example, in June, the Swedish fintech company Ford presented a built-in credit solution based on cards. A firm from Sweden has developed this service to facilitate access to financing for Danish small businesses.

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