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Nvidia Approaches to Overtake Apple as World’s Second-Most Valuable Company

In the foreseeable future, Nvidia may surpass Apple and become the second most valuable company in the world.

Nvidia Approaches to Overtake Apple as World's Second-Most Valuable Company

According to objective indicators, Nvidia is currently one of the main beneficiaries of the global and large-scale development and dissemination of artificial intelligence. For this company, a new level within the process of technological evolution of mankind is a space of opportunity and has already become what in a symbolic sense can be described as a wave of success. Nvidia’s graphics processing units (GPUs), used for training and subsequent operation of artificial intelligence systems, are what the current era needs. Those people and organizations that coincide with modernity in a certain sense, in most cases find themselves at the top of a certain historical period, including in terms of economic results.

Apple, which in the more favorable years of its existence was the largest company on Wall Street, is gradually losing ground due to some lagging behind the so-called artificial intelligence boom. At the same time, the technology giant has ambitions in the AI area. The company is expected to present a strategy for its activities in the artificial intelligence industry in June.

Currently, the vast majority of AI apps, including ChatGPT, are based on Nvidia’s high-end chips. Against this background, the company’s share price has almost tripled over the past year. Nvidia’s market value has reached $2.68 trillion. It’s worse about Apple in this space. In the current year, the technology giant has lost ground to Microsoft in terms of market value. Apple is currently facing weak demand for its smartphones and fierce competition in China. Last time, the company’s value was estimated at $2.92 trillion.

Brian Mulberry, chief portfolio manager at Zacks Investment Management, says that Apple’s significant achievements in the space of growth and innovation are waning. According to the expert, the mentioned tendency will remain in the future. At the same time, Nvidia, according to Brian Mulberry, has been able to match innovation with demand, which amounts to explosive growth.

Against the background of the specified power ratio, likely, the developer of chips for artificial intelligence systems and apps based on advanced technology will surpass Apple in terms of market value. It is worth noting that Nvidia accounted for more than a third of the growth in the S&P 500 index in 2024.

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