NVIDIA Introduces Superchip to Boost AI Capacity

NVIDIA has presented a new chip that can increase the level of performance and speed, for use in generative artificial intelligence and other application scenarios involving computing.

NVIDIA Introduces Superchip to Boost AI Capacity

The Grace Hopper superchip will become the basis of systems that will be delivered to manufacturers in the second quarter of 2024. The relevant information is contained in the company’s press release, which was published on Tuesday, August 8.

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang says that data centers need accelerated computing platforms with specialized needs to meet the demand for generative artificial intelligence, which is showing steady growth. According to him, the new GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip platform will meet the needs thanks to exceptional memory and bandwidth technology, the ability to connect GPUs to increase aggregate performance without having to compromise, and a server design that can be deployed without any difficulties.

NVIDIA is initially one of the leaders in the market of artificial intelligence accelerators. These accelerators are necessary for data processing in the process of creating AI software. The new processor will increase the company’s competitiveness and make its leading positions less achievable for other firms.

NVIDIA’s stock price has tripled this year. The company’s market price rose to $1.1 trillion.

The superchip is the driving force behind the new server computer design. The company informs that the volume of processed information will increase significantly. Two chips can be connected to obtain more power, exceeding the capacity of the existing model by three and a half times.

Jensen Huang says that the world’s data centers are rapidly switching to accelerated computing because in this case, the principle is that the one who buys more saves more.

The rapid increase in the value of the company’s shares is partly the result of the high level of demand for chips for artificial intelligence applications.

NVIDIA CFO Colette Kress said during a conference call with analysts in May that generative artificial intelligence is driving exponential growth in computing requirements. According to her, AI, which has the functions of creating original materials of various formats, mainly text, is a catalyst for demand for the company’s products, which forms new horizons of opportunities and plays the role of a kind of foundation for growth at the global level. She also noted that machine intelligence and accelerated computing are integral parts of the technological structure of companies that work in such areas as healthcare, telecommunications, automotive and financial services.

As we have reported earlier, AWS and NVIDIA Collaborate on Next Generation AI Infrastructure.

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