Fintech & Ecommerce Launches Cloud Banking Service in Oman

B2B Payment Platform expanded the geography of using its cloud banking service. Launches Cloud Banking Service in Oman

As a result of the mentioned solution of the specified company, entrepreneurs and freelancers in Oman will be able to remotely open accounts in the United States. The firm’s press release notes that the expansion of the geography of use of the payment platform is aimed at simplifying relevant transactions for American suppliers, branches, employees, and partners around the world. In this case, the Omani business gets the opportunity to make international financial operations without the need for a physical presence in the United States.

The press release notes that сontinues to be committed to providing innovative financial solutions that can meet the needs of businesses around the world, which demonstrate growth. The company also stated that the expansion of cloud banking service to Oman is a reflection of the firm’s commitment to stimulating global business development and increasing financial accessibility.

Separately, the press release indicates that the cloud banking service provided by is designed to simplify international transactions by reducing the complexity and costs associated with cross-border payments. This solution increases the efficiency and accessibility of business operations.

The cloud banking service provides significant growth prospects for Omani companies in the United States. Businesses from this Middle Eastern country gain access to a wider market and a variety of opportunities. The press release notes that one of the main features of this offer is the ability to create multiple business accounts and manage them for specific payment transactions and other tasks without any difficulties.

The cloud banking service ensures smooth financial operation. This solution allows for instant transfers of funds between cloud banking accounts while maintaining high-security standards to protect transactions. The relevant information is contained in the press release. Also, within the framework of this solution, businesses can take advantage of virtual cards, international payments, mass transactions of the appropriate functional purpose, early financial operations, and other functions., part of the ownership structure of Zil Money Corp., offers a universal financial platform for businesses. This offer includes several payment options and is integrated with popular accounting and payroll software. Currently, the user base of this platform is more than 800,000 people. As of today, $50 billion worth of transactions have been processed in this functional space.

In October announced the merger with Plexe. This deal was aimed at facilitating business access to working capital. This partnership connects businesses with a Plexe credit line after verifying certain information and a valid bank.

In July launched the automated Positive Pay service. As part of this solution, money management is simplified and the level of fraud detection efficiency for businesses is increased.

As we have reported earlier, AFS and Visa to Launch Prepaid B2B Cards in Bahrain and Oman.

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