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OpenAI Launches GPT-4o

OpenAI has launched a faster and cheaper version of its artificial intelligence model, based on which the chatbot ChatGPT functions.

OpenAI Launches GPT-4o

To a certain extent, the mentioned digital product is a kind of reflection of the company’s desire to maintain leadership in a market that is currently being scaled by new players, which entails increased competition.

The new brainchild of OpenAI, which was presented last Monday, May 13, was named GPT-4o. This digital product is a modification of an artificial intelligence model called GPT-4, which debuted over a year ago. GPT-4o was trained based on huge amounts of data from the Internet. The company claims this digital product will better handle text materials, audio, and images in real-time. OpenAI also announced that updates for GPT-4o will be available in the coming weeks.

Representatives of the company said that the digital product presented on Monday can generate an audible answer to a verbal question in milliseconds. OpenAI researchers and Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati communicated with GPT-4o only by voice during the presentation. In this case, the ability of a digital product to respond to verbal requests was demonstrated.

During the presentation, the chatbot also instantly translated speech from one language to another. At a certain point, GPT-4o sang part of the story on request.

Mira Murati, commenting on the launch of a new digital product in the framework of communication with media representatives, said that for the first time, the company is making a huge leap in interaction and ease of use.

The update will provide users with several free features that in the past were only available to paid subscribers. It is already known that in this case, functions such as the ability to search for answers to queries on the Internet, speak to a chatbot, and hear answers in different voices are implied. GPT-4o can also store the necessary data at the user’s request.

The new development of OpenAI will likely have a significant impact on the state of affairs in the artificial intelligence industry, in the space in which the dynamic of high-intensity development is currently being recorded.

In a blog post on Monday, Sam Altman, Chief Executive Officer of OpenAI, said that while the original version of ChatGPT gave an idea of how people can use the language to interact with computers, applying GPT-4o feels viscerally different.

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