OpenAI Plans to Open Office in Dublin

OpenAI, whose specialists have developed the world’s most popular chatbot based on artificial intelligence called ChatGPT, plans to open an office in Dublin.

OpenAI Plans to Open Office in Dublin

If this intention of one of the giants of the AI industry is realized, the company will have a second base outside the United States. Sam Altman, the company’s chief executive officer, said last Wednesday, September 13, that the growth and promotion of the Irish ecosystem of technologies and startups are impressive. This assessment by the head of the firm of the potential of Ireland as a kind of functional base became an influence factor when deciding to start taking measures to open an office in Dublin.

In July, this company opened an office in London. The British base became the first location of the creator of the world’s most popular AI-based chatbot outside the United States. The practice of opening offices in different countries is standard for companies that have large-scale businesses and are striving to develop and expand their activities.

OpenAI, whose management is based in San Francisco, has also published an advertisement for the employment of nine employees in Ireland. The company stated that its plans include the expansion of the team. The firm sees the opening of a new office as an action within the framework of efforts to promote operations, strengthen trust, and increase security. Also, within the framework of this decision, the company seeks to advance toward the development of consumer protection systems and technologies and improve legal work to achieve the goal of providing quality customer service in the European market.

Ireland has already become a kind of haven for technology companies. There are offices of companies such as Meta Platforms, Alphabet, LinkedIn, and Apple in this country, which OpenAI joins. Ireland is an attractive region for representatives of the technology industry due to the fact that it has the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe. Also, in this case, the country’s position in the European Union matters. Another factor in the attractiveness of Ireland is the local base of technical specialists.

OpenAI has managed to raise investment funds worth more than $10 billion. This year, Sam Altman conducted a kind of world tour, during which he met with regulators, discussing the risks associated with the development, use, and large-scale spread of artificial intelligence. Also, the head of the company in the framework of this communication paid attention to the prospects of opening offices in jurisdictions outside the United States.

According to Sam Altman, Ireland combines a talented workforce and also takes measures to support innovation and responsible business growth.

Ireland’s Minister of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Employment Simon Coveney said that in order for the country to benefit from artificial intelligence, it is necessary to create a strong, supportive ecosystem. Also, according to him, companies such as OpenAI will help the state develop the foundation for new research and innovation in the area of AI.

The San Francisco-based company has declared its readiness to cooperate with the Irish government. The firm will also offer mentoring to the Irish youth accelerator Patch.

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