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OpenAI Sees Growth in Corporate Version of ChatGPT

OpenAI reports an increase in consumer demand for the corporate version of its chatbot based on artificial intelligence ChatGPT.

OpenAI Sees Growth in Corporate Version of ChatGPT

It is worth noting that the mentioned company continues to be one of the confident leaders in the market of digital products in which AI is integrated, even though currently the industry is experiencing a large-scale increase in competition against the background of the emergence of new firms. It is worth noting that the number of startups in the artificial intelligence area is actually increasing exponentially. Moreover, the development of AI-based digital products for use in the corporate environment is currently intensifying.

During a conversation with media representatives, OpenAI Chief Operating Officer Brad Lightcap stated that nowadays more than 600,000 people are ChatGPT Enterprise users. It is worth noting that in January, the number of consumers of this version of the chatbot was approximately 150,000.

ChatGPT Enterprise is a corporate product reflecting OpenAI’s attempt to monetize its artificial intelligence-based ChatGPT. This version of the chatbot is the main commercial product of the company.

OpenAI launched a business version of ChatGPT in August last year. This digital product configuration provides consumers with additional features and privacy guarantees, including data encryption and the promise that the company will not use information from these customers to develop its technology.

Currently, in the sector of commercial application of digital products, OpenAI competes with Anthropic and Cohere. Microsoft also signals its intentions to step up efforts in the space of developing apps based on artificial intelligence for business customers.

Brad Lightcap said that 2024 will be the year of the introduction of machine intelligence artificial intelligence in enterprises. He also noted that there is currently a huge dynamic in the relevant direction of operating.

Brad Lightcap is responsible for finding new sources of income for the company. He also faces the task of proving that the commercialization of the use of generative artificial intelligence can bring significant income. One of the most notable initiatives of Mr. Lightcap was negotiations with media companies on licensing their content for the development of OpenAI models and be displayed in ChatGPT. He is convinced that the company will do much more in the future compared to the current achievements.

OpenAI has already signed content licensing agreements with the French newspaper Le Monde, the Spanish media conglomerate Prisa, and the German media company Axel Springer SE. At the same time, the company is battling lawsuits from media companies such as the New York Times. In this case, it means those firms that have accused OpenAI of using copyrighted content without permission. Brad Lightcap says that these accusations are not substantiated. Also in this context, he noted that the publishing industry has recorded positive feedback on the interaction with OpenAI.

The company’s chief executive officer, Sam Altman, is currently trying to gain several billion dollars in financing from global investors, according to media reports. In this case, the goal of the effort is to set up a network of semiconductor manufacturing plants. Brad Lightcap, while talking to media representatives, refused to comment on the mentioned intentions of Sam Altman. At the same time, in the relevant context, he noted that currently there is a shortage of the total supply of artificial intelligence chips in the world. In his opinion, supply chains will need to adapt to the expected exponential growth in demand in the next 10 years.

Also, the artificial intelligence industry is currently facing a shortage of specialists. This week, Elon Musk announced that Tesla is increasing the compensation of its team of AI engineers. Brad Lightcap confirmed the existence of this problem. According to him, the AI industry is a competitive market and very few people can make a significant impact in this space.

Brad Lightcap stated that OpenAI currently employs about 1,200 employees. The company also plans to open an office in Tokyo.

It is worth noting that against the background of the massive spread and introduction of artificial intelligence, the problem of cybersecurity is becoming more urgent. Scammers also have access to advanced technology. In this case, consumer awareness is of particular importance. For example, anyone who enters the query how to know if my camera is hacked in the Internet search system will receive information about signs of unauthorized access to the device. It is worth noting that tools for countering cybercriminals are also being developed.

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