Oracle Presents AI Capabilities for Finance and Supply Chain

Oracle has added new generative artificial intelligence capabilities to its Fusion Cloud Applications Suite.

Oracle Presents AI Capabilities for Finance and Supply Chain

On Thursday, March 14, the mentioned company, based in Santa Clara, California, published a press release containing information that the additions to AI include new advanced technology capabilities integrated into existing processes in the area of finance, staff management, supply chain, sales, service, and marketing.

The company is also scaling up its Oracle Guided Journeys extensibility platform. After the update, this platform provides customers and partners with more capabilities of generative artificial intelligence. The relevant information is contained in the press release of the firm.

The new solution was developed using Oracle’s cloud infrastructure. The company claims that this infrastructure ensures that customers’ personal information will not be shared with providers of large language models (LLM). The firm also promises that consumers will not be able to view each other’s data.

The company’s press release notes that an individual customer is the only entity allowed to apply custom artificial intelligence models trained on its data. Role-based security has been integrated into Oracle Fusion Applications workflows. In this case, only the content that end users have the right to view is recommended. Also mentioned integration provides additional protection of confidential information.

Currently, generative artificial intelligence, within its capabilities, is the driving force behind the transformation of the way people and companies relate to computers in the process of their work. In this case, the main change that has reason to be characterized as significant in the historical context of technology development is that computers can now think in the paradigm of perception of reality inherent in the human mindset.

This is indeed a largely revolutionary transformation. Beerud Sheth, CEO of the conversational artificial intelligence platform Gupshup, says that computers already can articulate clearly and can conduct a conversation within the same algorithm that is inherent in the corresponding human activity. According to him, AI has animated society like no other technology before.

Generative artificial intelligence can be used in a variety of applying scenarios. Also, AI at the current stage of its development can automate repetitive tasks more efficiently and quickly and use data to make informed decisions compared to previous configurations of advanced technology.

Bushel CEO Jake Joraanstad says that society tends to overestimate the first three years of technology adoption and underestimate the 10-year time horizon.

Andy Hock, senior vice president of products and strategy at Cerebras, said during a conversation with media representatives that the ChatGPT light bulb went off in everyone’s head, after which artificial intelligence and modern deep learning appeared in the space of public discourse.

In the foreseeable future, public attention to AI is likely to remain at a high level because it is extremely difficult to ignore what changes the familiar landscape of life.

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