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Science & Technology

America’s public debt increased by $1.3T in 6 months

Amid the coronavirus, the US public debt is expected to increase over the next several months

Science & Technology

Less than half of Americans have emergency funds: research

Coinstar surveyed 1,006 US adult citizens to find out their opinions towards personal budgeting

Fintech & Ecommerce

Largest Ukrainian bank accepts UnionPay cards

Over the last 3 months, its card’s acceptance rate in Ukraine has grown from 0% to 60%


How to look after your health & wellbeing on your Seattle business trip

Isabella Goode Profesional content writer   While millions of us travel for fun and pleasure, there are many who must travel for business purposes. If you’re heading on a business trip, being away from home and in an unfamiliar environment, can take its toll on your mental and physical health. Many business travelers worry about […]

Finance & Economics

French e-commerce software provider launches StopCovid19 platform

The platform was launched in less than 48 hours

Science & Technology

Consumer device shipment to face a $42B revenue gap over 9 months

The analysis focused on key device verticals including smartphones, tablets, consumer robotics, smart speakers and wearables

All materials

Advantages of having a college degree

Here are a few reasons to consider getting a college degree in 2020 and beyond

Society & Lifestyle

German businesses get help from new online platform

The initiative enables the owners to pay their employees, feed their families and pay their bills

Finance & Economics

Hong Kong to present its first fully-digital bank

After a successful trial in December, the bank has officially started its activity

Finance & Economics

Swedish online supermarket stops e-commerce activities

Customers’ hoarding forced ICA to make changes to its activities

Society & Lifestyle

Here’s how COVID-19 impacts global supply chains

Nowadays businesses are facing a burden the coronavirus puts on supply chains

Finance & Economics

Revolut launches in the US

The US users can now hold and exchange 28 currencies, including British Pounds, Canadian Dollar, and the Euro

Finance & Economics

How to shop during the quarantine

The quarantine shifted shopping focus from fashionable looks to food and personal hygiene products

Science & Technology

Microsoft presents noise suppression solution for remote workers

The new solution will significantly ease the working process for those having kids and pets while they’re working from home

Finance & Economics

Most UK stores to be closed until May 2020: forecast

The revised forecasts are predicated on the pandemic peaking in April

Science & Technology

Alibaba Cloud teams up with US security platform

The Bandwidth Alliance currently consists of 20 partners