PayPal and SAP to Simplify Digital Payments for Businesses

PayPal and SAP have announced the launch of advanced integration.

PayPal and SAP to Simplify Digital Payments for Businesses

As a result of the mentioned solution of the two companies, consumers of SAP services will have access to a simplified system for making payment transactions. As part of the firms’ collaboration, it is planned to create a plug-in module for digital financial operations. In this case, it means a tool for the PayPal Braintree platform, which was developed based on SAP BTP. The relevant information is contained in the joint press release of the companies, published last Thursday, December 14.

The parties to the cooperation note that currently many business representatives are faced with increasing requirements for algorithms and mechanisms for making payment transactions. Against this background, many companies are interested in exploring the potential prospects for using digital wallets. Also, the increase in payment requirements provokes a growth in the level of demand for the corresponding financial operations of the automated clearing house. Another popular product in the sphere of payment services is credit cards for corporate transactions.

David Bruce, PayPal’s vice president of partner channels, says that cooperation with SAP allows to work on creating an app for virtual financial operations of money transferring. In this case, SAP customers have constant standard access to the partner company’s solutions for processing funds transactions.

The PayPal Braintree Digital Payments connector provides consumers with the opportunity to use sources of financing that reduce costs and simplify the process of making operations with money. In this case, it means providing a solution to SAP customers.

The PayPal Braintree platform offers consumers a wide range of payment options, which include the company’s standard mechanisms, Venmo, credit and debit cards, and popular digital wallets. Complex integration helps simplify the process of making financial operations. Also, in this case, consumers are provided with a single solution for managing various payment methods.

The press release notes that a digital payments plug-in for the PayPal Braintree platform using SAP BTP has been developed to simplify integration. SAP BTP combines data arrays and analytical work, artificial intelligence, app creation, integration, and automation within a single environment. The plug-in greatly simplifies the process of managing online payment transactions.

For SAP customers, this company’s cooperation with PayPal is a kind of source of numerous advantages. The specified consumers, by using the plug-in, can achieve a higher level of operational efficiency, save money, improve security, and have access to transparent mechanisms.

The mentioned plug-in features a simplified integration capability with SAP software environments. In this case, the integration process is smooth and certified.

Shane Gorman, Chief Operating Officer of the SAP business technology platform, is pleased with the fact that companies like PayPal are using SAP BTP to develop standard adapters that customers and partners can use to provide stable service and reduce complexity.

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