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PayPal Launches Package Tracking Feature

PayPal has announced the launch of a parcel tracking feature in its app.

PayPal Launches Package Tracking Feature

The new solution provides the customers of the specified company with the opportunity to instantly view the status of their deliveries and at the same time does not provide for the need to perform such routine actions as entering an order number or searching through mailboxes.

The function added to the app firm automatically collects delivery information through integration with the Gmail digital service. Users who do not have an account linked to PayPal on the specified platform will still have access to manual entry of tracking data.

Also, as part of the new functional solution, push notifications in real-time are provided. This means that users will receive up-to-date information about the delivery status or order update as soon as possible every time any changes to these processes are recorded.

The PayPal app also provides users with visual tracking capability. In this case, customers will be able to monitor the movement of parcels in real-time on the map. Only owners of devices that run on iOS and Android operating systems will be able to take advantage of this offer.

The new parcel tracking feature does not provide for any additional fee. Customers will be able to use this tool regardless of whether they have interacted with the PayPal platform to place an order or not.

According to experts, the new function is of strategic importance for the company. They argue that the emergence of a new opportunity for consumers increases the level of competitiveness of PayPal. Also, in their opinion, the company compares its positions with the e-commerce giants Shopify and Amazon in terms of such a concept as functionality. This is a reasonable statement, but currently, it is difficult to determine the degree of effectiveness of the new solution in terms of the impact on the financial performance of the company, although in this case, the potential is obvious.

Shopify Shop app already offers customers the ability to update the order status in real-time. In this case, delivery notifications and tracking on the map are provided. Amazon also offers a tracking feature.

A PayPal representative in a comment to the media said that this company continues to advance products and services, thanks to which users have the opportunity to make smart and convenient purchases, multiplying their money. An employee of the firm also noted that the new functional solution expands post-purchase offering, which provides more choice and convenience in managing buys.

PayPal is currently showing a high level of activity as part of efforts to gain more users. In the first half of October, the company announced that customers had the opportunity to add PayPal and Venmo credit or debit cards that meet certain requirements to Apple Wallet. As a result of this functional solution, users can make payments using an iPhone or Apple Watch. This offer is available for in-store purchases and similar actions in the virtual space. Customers who decide to use the new feature retain the right to receive cashback and rewards for certain purchases.

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