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Qualcomm CEO Says AI to Revive Smartphone Market

The head of Qualcomm, a chip manufacturing company, believes that artificial intelligence can become a significant influence factor that will change the state of affairs in the smartphone market.

Qualcomm CEO Says AI to Revive Smartphone Market

This week, during a conversation with journalists, the CEO of this firm, Cristiano Amon, said that, in his opinion, the machine intelligence industry is a space of opportunities. He stated that the Snapdragon summit, which will be held in October, could be the first step towards major developments in the field of mobile technologies. According to him, this event will be dedicated to the incredible AI use cases demonstrated by OEMs and mobile phone manufacturers.

Qualcomm is currently partnering with Meta to make Llama 2-based artificial intelligence implementations available on smartphones and PCs. The implementation should be launched next year. In this case, developers will be able to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform AI for apps and transfer them to devices.

The head of Qualcomm believes that in the foreseeable future, a new cycle of smartphone updates may begin on the scale of the entire relevant industry. Cristiano Amon says that this scenario of the future is still difficult to identify in terms of time frames, but there are already signs of a gradual start of its implementation.

The commercial results of mobile phone manufacturers indicate that there is currently a situation of declining activity in the smartphone market. This negative trend is fixed against the background of increased caution of consumers, who, in conditions of difficult macroeconomic circumstances, tend to thoroughly consider the expediency of certain purchases. Also, at present, many buyers postpone the update of their devices to a later date and increase the periods of their operation. Another stable trend is the refusal to make large purchases. In these circumstances, the smartphone market has faced, in a certain sense, conceptual changes in consumer behavior that reduce their activity.

Data from the research company IDC indicate that last year, global smartphone sales showed a decline of 11.3% year-on-year, amounting to $1.21 billion. This figure is the lowest since 2013. A report on the same topic by the research firm Gartner contains a forecast of a decline in sales dynamics in the smartphone market in 2023.

Some experts believe that consumers want AI-based technologies to be integrated into mobile phones. In a sense, this opinion confirms Cristiano Amon’s optimistic attitude about the ability of machine intelligence to fix the situation in the smartphone market.

In the USA, more than 50% of consumers are interested in access to AI-based voice technology, which can be used in case of an emergency. Among millennials, this figure is 61%. According to experts, in this case, the specifics of the perception of advanced technologies by different generations are manifested. Millennials identify innovative technological solutions as an opportunity to save time and a means of providing convenience, without giving advanced developments a sacred sense and without giving it a meaning beyond the limits of everyday necessity.

At the same time, the question arises as to why attention is focused on the scenario of using a voice digital assistant in an emergency situation. It is possible that this is a symptomatic example of the manifestation of a subconscious mindset to control all the processes taking place without transferring these powers to AI, despite the declared openness to the integration of advanced technologies into the space of human life.

Keyvan Mohajer, CEO and co-founder of SoundHound interprets the mentioned feature in terms of his theory of consumers’ indecision to trust voice technologies. According to him, in this case, the main factor influencing human perception is the collective unsuccessful experience of interaction with the first voice AI models. From the mentioned developments, consumers expected conversations in a sci-fi style but received a tool for playing music and setting timers. The mismatch of expectations and the proposed opportunities formed a negative experience, which is still a factor of skepticism about innovative developments that have significantly advanced in their development. Currently, AI makes voice technologies smart, personalized, attractive, and adaptive.

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