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Red Lobster Files for Bankruptcy

Brand Red Lobster, which activities provided middle-class representatives in the United States with access to shrimps and lobsters, has declared bankruptcy.

Red Lobster Files for Bankruptcy

The mentioned company has a very significant success story. The firm has been able to go from a small business player to the world’s largest seafood restaurant chain. But one of the unspoken laws of the being says that everything has a beginning and an end. Red Lobster, by its example, confirms this dogma of the philosophy that, in a certain conditional sense, life itself generates.

The company reported that the amount of its debt exceeded the more than significant $1 billion mark. Also, the firm currently has less than $30 million in cash on hand. The company announced its intention to sell its business to lenders. If the relevant plans are successfully implemented, Red Lobster will receive funding that will allow it to stay afloat. The company also has an intention to continue the practice of closing restaurants in the meantime.

More than 30 years ago, Red Lobster, famous for its biscuits with cheddar cheese and shrimp dishes, was in the condition of active development. In 2016, the brand was mentioned in a Beyonce song called Formation. However, the era of fame and success is being replaced at some point by less favorable times.

Red Lobster currently has 578 restaurants in 44 regions of the US and Canada. The company serves 64 million customers annually. The annual sales volume of the firm is $2 billion. The relevant information is contained in the company’s bankruptcy filing.

The firm’s employees, in private conversations, say that the current state of affairs, in which Red Lobster found itself, is the result of the cumulative effect of such negative factors as mismanagement, increased competition, and inflation. It is worth noting that a similar opinion is circulating in the expert community about the reasons that led to bankruptcy becoming the only possible solution for the company.

The media also note that the reason for the negative situation in which the firm found itself, in addition to the above-mentioned, was insufficient investment in marketing, food quality, service, and restaurant modernization. Against this background, Red Lobster could not withstand competition from intensively scalable fast food chains.

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