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Rippling Reportedly Seeks to Raise New Funding

The media, citing insiders, report that currently the startup Rippling, which specializes in business software development, is negotiating to raise new funding at a valuation of between $13 billion and $14 billion.

Rippling Reportedly Seeks to Raise New Funding

The mentioned company plans to receive investments worth about $500 million. This was reported by one of the insiders, who is aware of the details of the startup’s negotiations on raising new financing. The informant used the right of anonymity, noting that the specified data is confidential and so far Rippling does not intend to publicly announce its relevant plans.

It is worth noting that information about the amount of money that the startup plans to receive varies. Some insiders claim that in this case, the goal is new financing for $870 million. According to their version of Rippling’s intentions, it plans a $200 million injection of capital and sells securities worth a total of $670 million to existing shareholders.

A representative of the startup, in response to a media request regarding negotiations on raising new financing, said that these data are not accurate, but did not provide any additional comments on the company’s intentions related to investments.

One of the insiders says that Rippling continues to discuss the issue of receiving money with investors. According to this informant, in the next few weeks, the conditions for providing new financing to the startup will be agreed upon. The insider also noted separately that the discussion of the issue is still ongoing, which is why the amount of money and deadlines are not definitively approved indicators and can be changed.

Rippling was founded in 2016. Last year, the startup raised $500 million in investment funds as part of a deal implemented during the dramatic collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank. This funding was received very quickly after Rippling’s accounts were frozen in SVB. Against this background, the startup faced a threat to its ability to process payrolls for its customers. Also, frozen accounts have become a risk in terms of the possibility of paying salaries to thousands of employees of the company.

Rippling’s chief executive officer Parker Conrad stated that the collapse of SVB and the rapid fundraising was probably the most stressful day of his life. After raising investments last year, the startup was valued at more than $11 billion.

One insider says that Rippling, based in San Francisco, intends to direct new financing, which is still being discussed and belongs to the category of probabilities, to implement efforts to gain customers among representatives of medium-sized businesses around the world. Also, according to preliminary data, the startup plans to spend part of its investments on continuing to develop new products.

In early April, the startup signed a lease agreement for office space in San Francisco. This agreement is actually evidence of the company’s intentions to hire several hundred more employees.

Parker Conrad formerly ran the Zenefits startup. He resigned from that position amid allegations of skirting regulations, which were eventually settled with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

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