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Salesforce Announces New AI Solutions for Doctors

Salesforce on Thursday, March 7, announced new solutions for data processing and artificial intelligence.

Salesforce Announces New AI Solutions for Doctors

The mentioned products of the company are intended for employees in the sphere of healthcare. Representatives of the firm said that the decisions announced on Thursday will help reduce the administrative burden on doctors, which is a significant problem. It is worth noting that automation, carried out by introducing artificial intelligence technologies into the workflow, is currently demonstrating a kind of scaling trend. In this case, AI is a tool for performing routine tasks, allowing employees to focus on the most important aspects of their activities. Automation is also the path to increase the level of efficiency.

One of the new tools announced by Salesforce is called Einstein Copilot: Health Actions. With this solution, users will be able to make an appointment with a doctor. Einstein Copilot: Health Actions also allows you to solve tasks such as summarizing patient information and sending referrals. In this case, the process of communicative interaction between artificial intelligence and the user is carried out in a conversational language. The relevant information is contained in the company’s press release.

Moreover, Salesforce has announced a new solution called Assessment Generation. This digital product provides organizations with the ability to digitize health assessments such as surveys. A notable feature of the announced solution is that this technological development eliminates the need to enter data manually or code it.

Both digital products were developed based on the Einstein 1 platform. Organizations within the healthcare system can use this platform to combine medical data from disparate sources into one place. Among the mentioned data are arrays of information about insurance payments and electronic health records.

Labor-intensive administrative tasks, including, for example, filling out documents, are a big problem for doctors. Automation of this aspect of activity provides additional time for solving priority issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of patients’ diseases.

The results of the Athenahealth survey indicate that administrative workload is one of the main causes of burnout among doctors in the United States. During the survey, more than 90% of representatives of the sphere of healthcare stated that they feel overworked regularly. Also, 64% of doctors stated the fact of excessive workload in the context of the need to perform administrative tasks.

The mentioned problem is complicated by the fact that the data is stored in many different arrays of information and formats. For this reason, doctors have to find it difficult and long to find the data they need about patients. Combining information in healthcare systems is a new area of activity for technology companies such as Google, Amazon Web Services, and Salesforce. These firms offer cloud-based customer relationship management tools.

Salesforce said doctors can use Einstein Copilot: Health Actions to generate a patient summary. In this case, an array of information will be created, including data on medications taken by patients, requests for clinical care, diagnoses, and tests. Artificial intelligence will become a tool for generating a summary of patients and will save doctors from having to solve the corresponding task manually.

Salesforce stated that the announced tool for generating assessments will become publicly available in the summer. Access to Einstein Copilot: Health Actions will be made available to users later this year.

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