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Harman Launches AI Solution for Healthcare

Harman, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, has developed a generative artificial intelligence solution for sphere healthcare organizations.

Harman Launches AI Solution for Healthcare

The specified firm offers a model of the private health language HealthGPT. According to the information contained in the company’s press release, within the framework of this technological solution, the capabilities of medical workers, researchers, and institutions relating to patient care activities and conducting medical observations are being expanded. Artificial intelligence will also help specialists make informed decisions.

HealthGPT is based on the principles of responsible machine intelligence. This AI configuration has also been extensively tested for accuracy and a penchant for inventing facts and various stories. The corresponding check was carried out on the company’s automated platform. The test results were confirmed by experts in the sphere of healthcare.

The company’s press release indicates that one of the main advantages of HealthGPT is the ability to provide clinical information in real-time and at the same time take into account the context. This function will help medical professionals make decisions.

Also, the AI configuration offers a platform for configuring an end-to-end language model that provides an optimal level of performance. The list of functions available to consumers does not end there. The AI model provides a platform for creating high-quality customizable data arrays. This solution further increases the level of performance.

The press release states that HealthGPT has an automated LLM evaluation system that is designed to check the quality of query processing results, factual correctness, fakes, and toxicity.

The company also draws attention to the fact that its AI configuration uses advanced deployment methods, including quantization. In this case, it is possible to reduce the size of the machine intelligence model, which entails a reduction in processing costs.

The press release notes that HealthGPT has the potential for drug discovery and research. A specialized AI model extracts valuable information from clinical trial data.

Nick Parrotta, president of digital transformation solutions and Harman’s chief digital technology and information specialist, said that HealthGPT is an example of the company’s capabilities that will help healthcare organizations use artificial intelligence configurations designed specifically for the industry to better solve unique problems and increase value for customers. He also noted that the firm, having many years of experience in the machine intelligence industry, is ready to help consumers overcome difficult obstacles and take full advantage of the capabilities of generative AI.

Experts say that the market for generative artificial intelligence for healthcare was estimated at more than $1 billion as of 2022. They expect this figure to increase to almost $22 billion by 2032. Companies and startups associated with sphere healthcare use AI to create medicines, care for patients, and diagnostics.

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